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Dizzy to coilpack conversion, Help please lol

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Hi guys, have finally managed to trace the faults with my car to the cam position sensor. Unfortunately i have an aerly mk3 vr on a dizzy, and the sensor is in the dizzy, and as of two months ago the dizzy was discontinued by vw and there are none in stock anywhere.

Therefore i have got to convert everything to coilpack, and was hoping someone might be able to help me with ecu numbers, as my car is currently obd1 and has no immobiliser built in to the keys, and i was hoping that if i convert it to obd1 on a coilpack rather than obd2 the ecu will still have no built in immobiliser.but i dont really know whether that is true so any help gratefully received.

The other question i have is what would i need for the conversion, presumably engine loom, anything else?

Cheers guys


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