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  1. mk2vr6

  2. Fuel pump wiring

    It could be damaged fuel pump wiring or bad connection on fuse box, check all connections and fuses. On fuel pump connector you have: red yellow (+12v for fuel pump) purple black (signal for fuel level) blue brown (signal ground) brown (fuel pump ground)
  3. The connectors in yellow circles are the same, as I mentioned signal for IAT on pin36 on ecu plug is going on this black sensor on flange. I'm sure it cannot be that factory, someone played with the wiring for sure... Some people are using IAT from mk4 1.8t to get a few 'horses' becouse of his abillity to measure quick changes of intake air temp a lot better than factory IAT which needs some period to cool down or to heat up. If i'm using this flange sensor instead IAT it would give informations of water temp, not about intake air temp and I'm sure I'll got less power on that way. It would give informations about hot air all the time, and the car for sure won't run as it should... That's my opinion.
  4. Yeah mate, compeletely the same connectors... totaly weird.
  5. Yes it is... And I haven't mentioned that the sensor on flange is bad, so replacing it should delete the code. But I'm not sure is it clever to use this connector and connect it to iat sensor becouse connectors are the same...
  6. 2.8 OBD1 mk2 vr6

    Thanks a lot guys... @Lukey zoom a pic and you will figure it out, it's pretty simple, just change them places and go from up to down on every next one.
  7. I`ve got an bad IAT sensor code on my diagnostic. I have no wiring for this sensor on my `92 OBD1 vr6, I found that the signal for IAT is on pin36 on ecu plug. The problem is this wire from the ecu is going to the 3rd black (2pin) flange sensor. Now I wonder if it`s factory that this sensor replaces IAT or what, it should be AC sensor as I know. But my car is non AC.
  8. Hello guys, i'm glad to present you my project. I had an mk2 with 1,6l engine, which is now completely restored and vr6 powered... first stage look second stage and then stripping and preparing for engine got the engine got a set of BBS RS016 15'' which I streched with new lips 1,5'' and 2'' on the rear prepared it for paint car painted and engine got inside did some work on my rims i had spun the rod bearings and got this pulled engine out and started collecting parts ported and polished intake and head new clutch mk4 head gasket engine in, by the way painted the bay and got the exhaust manifold car is now running fine and a few things left to do some pics from photoshoot and for the end a short movie