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  2. VR6 Turbo Which 1

    Yes this will have been asked before so many times but im asking again for help please Im wanting between 450 and 500 BHP for my Rallye Golf VR6 Turbo project Whats the best kit / What does it include/Where from/How much Cheers Simon
  3. MK3 VR6 start up noise

    Will this happen even with the Climatic control switched off ?????????
  4. When I start the engine about 5 seconds later there is a click noise and the fan starts up. Any ideas Cheers Simon
  5. Hi I have been involved in the VW Scence for years but i have just bought my first VR6 so any help and advice would be much appreciated. My car MK3 VR6 5 door year 1995 Problems: 1. The central locking does not work correctly could this be the pump?, also the petrol cap is locked into place could this be linked to the central locking? 2. The coolant light is constantly flashing, fans do not appear to be working checked fuse seems ok ? problem with Fan. 3. The rear passenger electric window does not close smoothly had to force it shut, will open ok. Any help would me much appreciated. Cheers Simon