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  1. The environment really doesn't have anything to do with it. Look at the bandings. When you go from 110g/km of CO2 to 120g/km of CO2, your road tax goes up by a tenner. But when you go from 180g/km to 190g/km - the SAME increment - your tax goes up by £55!! Even though the environmental impact of the two actions is EXACTLY THE SAME!

    Labour just use the words "green" and "environmental" to describe ANY policy that financially clobbers motorists.

    Anyone who voted for these con artists should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

    Anyone who didn't vote, when they could have voted against them, should be even more ashamed.

  2. I'm seriously thinking about going LPG on my next car.

    LPG is taxed at less than half the rate of petrol & diesel. But eveyone knows this is only because there aren't enough people on LPG to make a big tax hike on this fuel worth the Government's time.

    People are put off by the the horror stories about exploding tanks (untrue), big hikes in insurance premiums for LPG-converted cars (usually untrue) and the extortionate price garages charge for the conversions (true).

    But if you can buy a car that has already been converted, you have nothing to lose. It won't help with the road tax, but will save you a fortune on fuel, especially if you do a big annual mileage.

  3. Even my girlfriend's pig-slow 2003 1.6 Astra has gone up by 70 quid a year FFS.

    The only good news is for people that own performance diesels. My brother bought his mk4 GTI Anniversary PD 150 two years ago for £9500 with 40k on the clock. It's now got 70k on the clock, is two years older and he's had people offering him £11,000 for it.

    The budget, combined with irregular fuel taxation has turned the second-hand car market upside down.

    Thankfully all you people with mk3 VRs are immune. A**hole Darling has committed to only increasing VED on pre-2001 cars in line with inflation.

  4. mk4 R32s and 2.8 4Motions registered between March 2001 and March 2006 get the biggest spanking - up from £210 to £440, a 110% increase. The biggest road tax increase in history..

    Second hand values of R32s dropped by £500 overnight. Thanks for that, Alistair. Much appreciated you f**king money-grabbing c*nt :@

    My R32 went up for sale yesterday. :-( I love that car, but I'm not paying that bunch of w**kers that I never even voted another £440 a year just for being allowed to own it. It goes against all my principles.

    If anyone has a pre-2001 Golf 4Motion they want to sell, please let me know.

  5. Quantum Synta Silver semi-synth 10W-40 is definitely the correct oil for a VR6. It is well cheeky that they charged you for fully synth, but there's no reason that I can think of why their fully synth (synta Gold) would cause an overheat if used.

    Did the service involve anything other than an oil change? If it involved anythng to do with the coolant system or something that required coolant hoses to be disturbed then I'd say you definitely have a case.