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[SOLD] VR6 Golf Highline MK3 £4950

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My VR6 Highline is listed below for £4950. It is also now listed on Autotrader for the same price.

However please note that the car Registration is different on the two adverts. Autotrader has the correct (or should I say the plates that are now on the car). The number on Autotrader is the original number that correlates with my early paperwork. I then had a private number put on the car in 2000. I then took that off and the DVLA sent me a replacement P reg which I put on the car - the number on the VR6 Owner club website. Since then then at my request the  DVLA sent me the original number which is now on the car. I cannot find a way of editing the advert on the vR6 Owner website to that explains the discrepancy.



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