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Corrado Vr6 overhaul

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Hi there I'm going to be recommissioning my corrado vr6 and eventually selling it. Is there a good guide anywhere with regards to recommissioning a dormant Vr6 engine. It's been sat for a while and doesn't want to idle and runs very rich. It's done 100,000 miles produces a little blue smoke on acceleration and has a slight top end knock when started from cold.

 I don't want to tear it to pieces if I don't have to. Any help or pointers much appreciated.

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Apologies if this is in the wrong section and for not introducing myself properly. I'm Dan and live in the north east in Darlington. I've owned corrados since 2007 when I bought my first g60 and i also own a mk1 golf which is almost ready to get a respray in a bodyshop in Middlesbrough. The g60 unfortunately had to be broken for parts and I then purchased the vr6 I own today.

  I salvaged parts from the g60 and have built a 16vg60 engine which is sat in my dad's garage ready to go into the mk1 golf one day soon I hope. Anyway that's me, hello to you all :)

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