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Basic shopping list: engine, loom, ecu, custom downpipe or ready made set for the 24v conversion (dubpower/ united motorsport)


A couple months ago had a brief idea to convert 12v to 24v so did a small research and:
the engine swap is quite straight forward (you can use the same engine mounts), the only one trouble's the exhaust as it has twin cats with 4 probes in it, so you need a custom downpipe to add the probes and to fit the VR. Look at the-corrado.net and vwvortex for more info.


Changing the engines it's worth to clean and repaint the enginebay (if needed - the rattle cans are great for it :-) ) an  suggest to check the state of the subframe (look for some nasty rust patches! and treat them).
And remember to upgrade your breaks for bigger too ;-)

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thanks a lot guys for the imfo hopefully gonna start the conversion in a couple of months once iv gathered all he parts needed this is my first vw dub project so jumping straight in at the deep end with it as know next to nothing about v dubs but love it to bits after owning it a short a time thanks again.

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tbh if you can i would advice to buy a whole donor car (they are not bad price if you source one with damaged body panels). it will be so much easier then sourcing part after part and wondering what element is going where. and you can always sell off all bits you don't need to your conversion.

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