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  1. Ebay Turbo Kit?

    Don’t suppose anyone is still running these eBay kits from 7 years ago? are there any updated eBay kits now?
  2. FAQ for turbo-ing your 12v/24v vr6

    A very interesting read, I’d be interested in a complete kit, plug n play as to speak but I don’t imagine there is much demand for that?
  3. Hello just joined.. Just bought a V6 4 motion

    Yep that’s not good, was it bought from a garage? I’d be backing it if it was, if not- get it into an independent VAG specialist ASAP.
  4. Hello just joined.. Just bought a V6 4 motion

    Ok, £20 in on Sunday, 130 miles, mixed, pootling & booting. something is wrong.
  5. MOT tester required

    I mean Nigel will sort it tell him VR6 Jim sent you.
  6. MOT tester required

    Try AutoTek in Byfleet hell sort - Nigel.
  7. MFD pixels all messed up

    Hiya all! bought a lovely little 4Mo a few weeks ago cheap- knowingly with a few issues, first was the pixilated MFD second was the ESP light on (sorted, second hand haldex controller fitted off an Audi TT) so this is a bit of an annoying issue, I’ve had a price from cartronix which is £150 for me to drop it to them & fix, but.. they aren’t open Saturdays, & If I send it off I’ll be a few days without my car probably 3 days turnaround, as it has the immobiliser inside it. so what to do? Any suggestions?
  8. Hello just joined.. Just bought a V6 4 motion

    Hi- I’ve just bought one too, a few weeks now, & it’s been my daily driver, I’d guess that I’m doing 26/30 mpg so I’d say I’d seriously look into that 40 mile £20 round trip! in fact I put £20 in on Sunday & I’ll go check in a mo now my fuel light has literally just come on & I’ll see how many miles £20 got me.
  9. Is a V6 a VR6?

    I’ll add a pic once it’s been washed, it’s minging at the moment.🤘
  10. Is a V6 a VR6?

    Ah ha!! I knew it!
  11. Bigjimknickers

  12. Is a V6 a VR6?

    Hi all, I’ve recently bought an x reg V6 4Motion, my mate said it’s not a VR6 but it looks like one to me under the cover!