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  1. Mk3 vr6 3 door sunroof red 1996

    Don’t do it no point people end up offering you insane money some idiot offered £600 yesterday he would swap got a crosser like KTM Or just keep it
  2. Mk3 vr6 3 door sunroof red 1996

    Think my fellas decided to sell his van and jetski and keep the vr6 now ha ha
  3. Mk3 vr6 3 door sunroof red 1996

    Lot of timewasters mate really annoying!
  4. Want to sell a brand new chroming machine worth £1500-£2000 apart from eBay don’t know best place to advertise it to get right audience? Any advice greatly appreciated
  5. Mk3 vr6 3 door sunroof red 1996

    Was tempted to sell my mk5 gti and keep the vr6 but recently spent fair bit on gti to get rid of it now like with vr6 though get clueless people not actually understanding what it is and it’s worth only proper genuine people know what they buying and don’t take the piss when making offers knowing what it worth to begin with!
  6. Mk3 vr6 3 door sunroof red 1996

    Only about 6 months fella likes his projects and anything quick but he’s got mx bike, jet ski, van and boat aswel so something has to go ha ha spent about a grand on it though I reckon shame can’t keep it but can’t afford to run/insure 2 cars and a van
  7. Mk3 vr6 3 door sunroof red 1996

    Yeah it’s mint , but then rest of car won’t be as decent with different seats in it will it?! Baffles me prices on eBay only seen one like mine went for nearly 5k I think less miles but rest same it’s mad
  8. Mk3 vr6 3 door sunroof red 1996

    Oh you have one already ha ha nice kept ours pretty much standard and original apart from Oz alloys rest as it was I think
  9. Mk3 vr6 3 door sunroof red 1996

    Thanks want to buy it 😊 lol
  10. Ive got a mk3 vr6 3 door sunroof red original car with full leather interior and 11 months mot, 126k had sill welded recently and water pump seal replaced runs like a beast only issues are needs boot lock and bonnet cable. Sold over and over to be let down last minute people don’t get the quality of this car with the age, doors/sunroof and colour! It’s so annoying looking around there at more like 4K don’t get why mine at £2300 get messed around? Maybe too cheap think it’s dodgy or what? Up for sell or swap on it