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  1. vr6 95 n

    very true mate 👍
  2. vr6 95 n

    anyone interested as I've new suspention going on in a few weeks then il be keeping her I'm afraid got bilstein eibach streetpro kit so then il be keeping her as this was over 700£ cheers guys
  3. vr6 95 n

    had someone offer 1800 and a suburu but didn't fancy that need the cash! 😀
  4. vr6 95 n

    cheers tinny m8 👍👍
  5. vr6 95 n

    very clean needs to be seen and driven. 😊👍
  6. vr6 95 n

    thanks fella 👍 yeah tinny I bought it off 3 and half years back he had it 13 yrs or so cheers cabbs.
  7. vr6 95 n

    cheers noggin it is credit to previouse owner tidy vr6 thanks 👍
  8. vr6 95 n

    spairs include original headlights fogs spare windows alternators various also have 5 oil filters for it.
  9. vr6 95 n

    got the number wrong 07770348813
  10. vr6 95 n

    reggretably selling my vr6 4 door black 147000 miles just serviced. Stacks of history had for 3 and half years great car bought of a club member tinny loads spent lots of spairs real headturner gets comments wherever it goes becoming collectable now I could go on all day lol 😁 but anyone interested pm me or call more details 0770348813. thanks I'm looking for 3300 on original bbs refurbed in gold new tires.or 3700 the ones on the car cost 1000 with new uniroyal tires.
  11. posting advert

    hi all some help on posting an advert for my vr6.
  12. posting advert

    hi all some help on posting an advert for my vr6.
  13. Mk3 vr6 3 door sunroof red 1996

    bloody he'll I'm gonna be asking strong money if I don't get wat I want won't be going anywhere not gonna give it away I'm asking 3700 with the wheels they were 1000 pound or 3300 on gold bbs new tyres mint lovely motor gets admired all over
  14. Mk3 vr6 3 door sunroof red 1996

    ahh fair play! I'm gonna try add any day now I think sad