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  1. Dual O2 sensors to single, how?

    I'm on a train and bored. So i add my experience here. Like i told before, i added turbo (and intercooler) to my VR6 3.2 Cayenne and it was good, and it was bad. Good stuff : ME7.1.1 can handle it very well and stays in closed loop mode (with stock WBO2 sensors fitted to exhausta). No codes (expect warning code for MAF "Sudden rush of air"), fuel trims can keep up, very good for normal driving giving more snappier drive experience on low speeds. Bad stuff : On high RPM (something around >5k) MAF starts to clip, still goes fine because WBO2 sensors can handle it. Deadly stuff : Failing or slow O2 sensor will kill your engine. Hitting RPM limiter will kill your engine. Failing knock sensor will kill your engine. I killed my engine. Currently rebuilding my engine. Pieces of piston could be found from oil pan. Piston was fine on top, but cracked on side between two piston rings. Stock fuel, i would not go over 0.5 bars. I think with engine working perfectly before adding boost to it, there should be no problems. I'm going for E85 fuel and bigger injectors for my next try. Knock sensor and O2 sensors are also fixed. Engine still sits outside car, but week or two and it will be running again
  2. Dual O2 sensors to single, how?

    Do you mean these are modifications are that are generally made, or that i would need to do these to make use of ethanol fuel?
  3. Dual O2 sensors to single, how?

    Right, after testing this and that i decided to use both upstream o2 sensors. It's was actually pretty easy to put them onto my chinese exhaust manifold, just like they are on HPA exhaust manifold. That solved my o2 issue and fuel trims seem fine now and i don't get error codes. It actually runs pretty well with stock ECU. On WOT and >3500 rpm it pushes 0.6bars just fine Tried with ethanol too (50%-50%) but it was too much for stock ECU.
  4. Dual O2 sensors to single, how?

    Additional question. Can i test run this in open loop state? All components are stock, so it should be ok?
  5. Dual O2 sensors to single, how?

    Thank! That is very interesting. I already tried to split signal from one o2 sensor to both inputs. I had 'some' success, but got 'Lambda sensors exchanged' codes and it just didn't work. Modification to ECU that is descripted here does pretty much the same thing and since input vary a little, there is still -25/+25 issue like stated in documentation. So, i quess only option to use single O2 sensor (or both sensors in same pipe) is to make software modifications. There are some information about this for commonly used VR6 ECUs, but since this is Porsche Cayenne, there are no information about this specific firmware. I quess i'm skilled enough to make some bit-modification to specified location, but that's pretty much it. First spin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3uKDR5Q-yo Very good study material about wideband o2 sensors and o2 sensors overall : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPtY5FiGMAE
  6. Dual O2 sensors to single, how?

    Thanks. Can't get to that guide, but yes. Dual O2 manifold is option. However, i'm going to try splitted o2 sense signal first. See how that goes.
  7. Dual O2 sensors to single, how?

    Hello everyone, my first post. I have little project with my Porsche Cayenne that has Porsche rebranded VR6 3.2 24V and would appreciate some help and ideas. My plan is to turbo it. It's 250hp stock and i'm simply going to stick eBay turbo on it and keep it stock as possible. Stock intake, exhaust, injectors, MAF, fuel pump etc. I did some simple calculations and stock components (like injectors) should be good for around 80-90 additional horses and 6-8psi. ECU is ME7.1.1 022906032T btw. Anyway, since i'm going to start with stock ECU (don't judge me just yet, i have my reasons) first issue comes with exhaust manifold and downpipe that only can support one "bank" and the fact that there are separate o2 sensors for bank 1 and bank 2. So, total of 4 o2 sensors and two of them are wideband. ECU adjusts fuel trims for both banks. So my actual question is, how can i overcome this problem that i can only measure one bank, instead of two. (With bi-turbo there wouldn't be such issue ... I have few solutions in mind : - I stick both upper o2 sensors to exhaust manifold before turbo. Exhaust gasses are somewhat mixed in manifold, but if positioned correctly, bank1 and bank2 should still respond differently somewhat.. or maybe not? They would be before turbo in this case. - I stick bank1 upper o2 sensor right after turbo, and split electrical signal coming from it to both upper o2 sensor pins on ECU. ECU would see identical lamba value for both banks. - Some other electronic trickery? - Ecu reprogramming? I would need some help with this, i don't know how to make it use single o2 sensor only. Plenty of information how to remap it and such, but i can't find any information about this. My downpipe will have catalytic converter, so lower o2 sensors really won't be a huge problem, i thinks i can simply fit them both there without any signal splitting or other tweaks. * by upper, i mean o2 sensor that is located before cat, by lower, i mean o2 sensor that is located after cat. In my case, upper o2 sensors are wideband, lower are narrowband. .. why would i wan't to turbo my slow Cayenne SUV? I have two of them and this second one is something i wan't to turn into a monster and fitting it with lowboost turbo is just one part of it. Poor Porsche is already old and abused, i'm not messing up with any piece of art car. Thanks.
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