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  1. Hi all, been having an issue with a slow start of the engine. It does start after cranking for a few seconds. Also when accelerating the car seems to struggle or lose power. I know the fuel pressure is dropping when the engine is off. As I have put a gauge on the fuel rail and the pressure drops. Now for the bit that’s confusing me. If I clamp the return pipe the pressure still drops. But when I clamp the supply line the pressure doesn’t drop. There doesn’t seem to be any fuel leaks in the system. And I have fitted an extra inline check valve in the supply line. Many advise would be great
  2. Fuel pump

    Hi thanks for the reply. Do you know where cable 15 comes from that goes to the coil on the relay???
  3. Fuel pump

    Hi guys. Finally got the golf running after rebuilding the engine and having trouble starting the car. It will start on the second/third turn of the key. Worked out the fuel pump isn’t priming and not to sure if it is running after start up. Checked voltages at the relay and I’m only getting 2-3 volts to switch the relay!!! If I link out the terminals for the pump the pump will run. So I’m pretty sure the pump and wireing is sound. Does anyone one know what voltage I should have to switch the fuel pump relay???? And where does this come from????
  4. Vr6 project

    Hi guys, just started my first project a mk3 vr6. Currently got the head off at the machine shop. Hopefully will be on the road in the next few weeks.
  5. Coolant

    Hello, I’ve had my mk3 12v for a while now but only just got round to doing the necessary work it needs. The stage I am at is the head is at the machine shop being skimmed and ported. The cams were not timed correctly when I bought the car so therefore I will have to time the engine when I get the head back. Which after some research I believe can be done without removing anything other than the cams????? My thoughts are while the coolant is drained out and I don’t know what coolant was in the car when I bought it. It needs replacing. Do i need to flush the system??? And what coolant should I use??? Btw this is my first project so forgive me if I am not making that much sense
  6. liam.1995