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  1. ABS Pump 1H2 614 217A

    Hey all, After a working ABS pump for my Corrado. My existing one is part number is 1H2 614 217 A. Msg me or post if you have one! Cheers Matt
  2. Hey all, Newbie with a Corrado VR6 purchased around a month ago. I loving my car and only have one issue with it (abs pump agghhh!) but overall a nice straight original example with a lot and almost full service history. My (VW) mechanic has serviced it and changed a few bits (alt belt, brake pipe, coolant res) and given it the once over. It does have a leaky shock but i've purchased a Bilstein B12 pro kit for it. Plan is to keep is largely standard. It's done 150k and runs nice. Pic inlcuded. It was on ebay if some of you had seen. The seller was a nice chap. I knew the ABS light was on occasionally on purchase and took a gamble as the car was otherwise real nice with good history so had hoped it was a sensor but my mechanic reset codes and rechecked a few weeks later with the remaining code relating to an inlet valve on the pump. Oh well such is life
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