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  1. So been working on this a couple months. Still a long way to go! So stated a shaved bay, done a few bits but plenty more to do. Got some mk4 leather recaros fitted vento front end and a few other bits. Plan is for engine to go charged (unsure on wether to supercharge or turbo) ? Photos - before it came off the road for a new lump. When i I started removing the old 8v engine the donor car - picked up a steal, £480 on just over 100k miles. Drove like a dream. Fsh and only round the corner from me. Engine bay bay after a few bits and finally with the vr6 lump dropped in, now got to clean it all up run the wires and plumb it in. Any advice on what to do about hidin the wires and what I can ditch out the bay would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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