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  1. Not going after capitali

    Yes, the problem is similar to the website you gave but the problem is not solved and there is no one knows. So the question is open.
  2. Not going after capitali

    The machine I have 01 m
  3. Not going after capitali

    Yes error 00518 g 69 potentiometer throttle. 16-10-Signal outside tolerance - not always. And it turns out the lambda regulation. Also outside of a tolerance range.
  4. Not going after capitali

    Hi all. Sorry for my English, I using translator! In General, the problem is that all changed and the car is not gaining momentum as expected. Have not changed the MAF yet. Car Vento AAA вр6 2.8. The distributor automatic transmission. Dispersed under 82.5. But rides like to repair. I do not understand how to set the TPS. He's on two chips and is not adjustable. Now removed bulocki so little was the course. Put on 1130-1150ом. But still there is a error even after a while. That's how it is. Help who than) thank you