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  1. Hi guys, got an old Custom Chrome racing exhaust system from cat-back, was joined to original system with adapter+ clamps/paste. I've realised this is pretty bad and it wont pass the MOT, so I'm wondering if anyone knows someone who can weld Stainless steel in the Reading area (south central England), this is just a temporary fix until i get my new exhaust system in late spring. Thanks, Will.B
  2. There are so many options. I've done exhaust and air intake(so far) many more in the pipeline I copied this from another forum. how much are you spending? its all about money. cheap Audi 1.8T Air intake temp sensor (standard is in block and gets heat soaked) rewire to cooler area maybe inside airbox? airbox mod - drill huge holes or cut the bottom of the air box out DIY port head and throttle body panel filter medium 250-1000 install new cams 263's 267's etc ported and big valve head 3.67 final drive (no power but better ge
  3. Had my vr6 nearly 3 months. I've been lurking as a guest for a long time now! Anyway... hello! From Reading, Berkshire .
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