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  1. paws92


  2. Those are good looking wheels. If memory serves me right, a previous neighbor got the same wheels with Mickey Thompson tires on them.
  3. Great to see these awesome builds back in the days.
  4. Howdy! Any update on your search?
  5. That sounds a fun project, Rusty! Looking forward to your progress.
  6. paws92

    VR6 TT

    Nice ride buddy! Looking forward with your some DIYs and tips.
  7. paws92

    New comer

    Thank you ssaunders.
  8. Hey! Might work with the same car! Pretty sure Magnaflow will give a good boost and sound.
  9. We are looking at 2010 Passat CC 3.6 as project ride and glad to found this board. Have some slight issue but runs good over all. Gonna read around and get some ideas.
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