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  1. Mega thanks mate think al the full chain then and just do the clutch as well thanks
  2. How hard is it to do timing chain does the gearbox need to come off Can here little bit of a rattle
  3. Considering these are off a cayenne May be a stupid question but I needed to ask lol Genuine Porsche Cayenne s, E1 II 18" Et/offset - front & back : 57 8jx18
  4. Yeah the Threads looked ok don't think so not a lot of Space in there you know what it's like vr6 in a golf lol but I will give that a go tomorrow I was at it from 9 to about 19:30 lol
  5. Just wondering if anybody had any thoughts on this I was putting poly bushes on my v6 4motion golf and on the driver-side I needed to jack up the engine to get to the Bolt on the front of the wishbone that goes through the bush I got it out and got it back it but the bolt doesn't seem to be catching on the other side even though I can hear and feel it's all the way through ? [emoji36]
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