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    Flylow reacted to RBPE in V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning   
    I'm building some new Tunerpro files and want you to check some things if you're interested.
    Firstly, this is just a few quick maps I've picked out to check and refresh myself on the system as it has been a while, I can add more obv. if there's interest.
    I use Win7 32 bit on all my ecu tuning stuff as it seems the most compatible so if you check this then what system are you running? Are you experiencing any bugs like T Pro crashing (it does from time to time on mine so make sure you save things as you go along/tune if we develop this thread). Is the data showing up okay? 
    You can download tunerpro on the link below. There's a free version and a free version which comes up with a register bit at the beginning for donations - I'm using that one as I expect to donate if I end up doing lots on it with this. It's Tunerpro RT and you can freely use it, you just have to wait until the register bit at the beginning ends after 10 seconds, then press continue.
    This is basically a free bit of software that you can use to tune your car which we can go into detail later on if the thread picks up. 
    So download Tuner Pro here;
    Then download this rar file at the link below - this contains a BDE binary file, one found on the net 022906032BG - which is basically the data of your maps that needs defining, then there's the basic xdf I just did with a few maps in it to get things going;
    So, once you've downloaded and set up T Pro, you open a new bin (import the bin) in the menu and add the one in the rar file. Once you've done that you add the xdf (I think you import them and remember where the files are or if Tunerpro sets a file up for your ecu's/revisions just create a file in there - I forget now as I set mine up ages ago but you'll pick it up!).
    Once you've done that then you should have a few maps defined and the values as shown in the pics in the red boxes - let me know if it is coming okay on yours and if not what system you are using, what values etc



    If they are showing up like that then you are good to go in future as I build and add more xdf files. I may sell the more detailed ones and things like turbo base files etc but I'll stick up plenty of info in due course if people are interested?
    There's a few good bits of info online already, to save you trawling through forums then these 2 are good basics to start to learn tuning, the acronyms though can be different to what are in the ME7.1.1. files but the principles for the most part are the same - I'll likely put up these basics for free anyway.
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    Flylow reacted to vih in novice from Spain   
    hello, I introduce myself, my name is Paco and I'm from Spain, I'm a great lover of vr6 engines, I'm a mechanic and I've always liked this engine for how good it is, how durable they are and the sound they have, I have two vr6 at home, one is the ford galaxy v6 4x4 (system syncro) 174cv guide x mk1 (automatic 4 speed) and a seat alhambra v6 4x4 (haldex system) 204cv stylance mk2 (manual 6-speed), the latter (the seat alhambra) I have attached an engine of a vw golf r32 mk5 250cv, little by little I'm doing things but now the thing is a little stop since I'm restoring the two and not always for both, I'll give you some more photos of cars, greetings
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    Flylow reacted to dubnutdave in Hello from ayrshire   
    Hi. Apologies fir my even later reply! Haha my app stopped working and I kind of forgot about the site for a while. Thank you! No unfortunately I don’t have a build thread just a few photos I took at the time like the ones above. I’ve since completed the Vr6 swap unfortunately not in enough time for the summer due to other commitments. The new plan is to have it up and running with the turbo setup for next summer. 
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    Flylow reacted to KristLee in 3.2 V6 Eos Owner   
    Hi All,
     I think I’m in the right place for my engine.
     I bought a 2007 3.2 V6 VW Eos last year and joined the Eos forum for general information and tips about the actual car but I haven’t really learnt much about the engine yet and thought I’d be better off joining an engine specific forum.
     I will read through some threads before I start asking questions but thought it best if I give a quick hello first.
    Take it easy,

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    Flylow reacted to MOOMO in Ideal GT30 A/R for 320-350hp on 24v BDE   
    .62 excellent for low end 
    .83 good mid and top 
    1.0+ for top not for street
    I recommended  .83, I am not engineer my R32 is .83 
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    Flylow reacted to D4RK in 2.8 vr6 24v vvt 4mo turbo conversion   
    Hey guys. Newbie to the board nice to meet yas. but I am also just starting in 4 weeks an AUE 24v turbo conversion but I'll be using a .82ar hx40 with a t3 flange and a few mods, forged etc I'm using a sidewinder that we are gonna custom make. I'm over in the UK too. 
    I've just been toying with r30 tbh. But I'm struggling to find a r32 block at the right money. 
    Good thread. I can't get enough of this forum.... 
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    Flylow reacted to p0u1 in 2.8 vr6 24v vvt 4mo turbo conversion   
    It might be worth letting us know what the turbo has come off.
    If it's a diesel the general rule is look for a diesel engine twice the size of the petrol engine your planning to use it on.
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    Flylow reacted to KIRAN_VRT in 2.8 vr6 24v vvt 4mo turbo conversion   
    sorry for the late reply
    have been trying to find a data sheet and graph for it but no luck

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    Flylow reacted to Bungles in Bungles   
    Just ordered one of these arriving shortly
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    Flylow reacted to Azy-Ak in Im new..   
    Hi guys im Azy and I own a v6 sharan they got rid of the r on my model for some reason and it comes with more power so ive added the r myself lol
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    Flylow reacted to VR6Pete in Im new..   
    Welcome to the club Have you got any photos you can post up?
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    Flylow reacted to Scrappy27 in What’s up everyone!!!!   
    What’s up everyone my name is Stephen i own a 87 Jetta coupe vr swapped. I’ve been a long time volkswagen Enthusiast. Just wanted to say hi and I look forward to sharing some of my knowledge and at the same time gaining knowledge about the cars we all love and sometimes hate !!!
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    Flylow reacted to mattvr6 in 2.8 24v vr6 turbo - limitation of standard vr stroke?   
    2.8s are stronger than 32s bottom end are good for around 400 other than that ur gonna need some hard ward plus reliability
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    Flylow reacted to ssaunders in VR6 Syncro gearbox and Mk2 syncro rear diff   
    Hi All, stripping the old stuff out the Rado to go haldex so will have some bits left.
    VR6 Syncro gearbox (02C) rebuilt less than 1000miles ago new seals and bearings, it has new diff planetary gears, ARP diff bolts, the gears and ring gear have been shot peened and superfinished also has a lightened flywheel.this has a modified cast iron transfer box from (rallye) which has been serviced and converted to fit bolt in cups this mates up to a Syncro rear diff.
    i have the receipts for the box, parts and rebuild. i may have driveshafts but the prop has been re-used i also have the original Mk3 syncro transfer box.
    it will be removed in the next week or so and is currently at the Phirm, it comes from a running and driving car.
    looking for £1200.
    thanks for looking.
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    Flylow reacted to Micheal karadsheh in Golf vr6 4motion 2001   
    Thank you very much for your advice I appreciate
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    Flylow reacted to Philly-R6 in Interior fittings catalogue?   
    You can use oem epc.
    Find your car: try Golf/Variant/4Motion, then select the year.
    You are then presented with the areas in the parts catalogue: Try Body.
    Scroll down (keep going!) and find "door trim".
    Then have a rummage around until you find what you are after!
    Switches are probably under the Electrics section...
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    Flylow reacted to Philly-R6 in Photo of Fuse Box   
    This is the only [good] photo of a MK3 Golf fuse box.
    For information, all connections, relays a fuses are listed her:

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    Flylow reacted to blackwookie in Valve springs   
    motor is in and shes alive boys! Saturday im driving over to aptuning and shes gonna get a flash for the cams. Gonna be awesome cant wait
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    Flylow reacted to mks2310 in Post the last photo of your car!   
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    Flylow reacted to cocovr6slc in Corrado vr6 By Henri   
    Hi guys, i'm Henri from France ( Toulouse) south " airbus :-)"
    I present you my Corrado Vr6 to 1992

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    Flylow got a reaction from Ace70988 in Vr6 swap wanted   
    Hi mate. You best option is to import a doner Golf 3 vr6 that's being broken up for spares from the UK or import the parts from there. I've done that here in SA.
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    Flylow reacted to Bungles in Bungles   
    Hi guys I'm based in Buckinghamshire own a deep pearl blue VW Mk4 R32 here's a snap of my baby

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    Flylow reacted to Bungles in Bungles   
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    Flylow reacted to Bungles in Bungles   
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    Flylow reacted to Bungles in Bungles   
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