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    matt1986 reacted to RVR006 in RVR006 MK3 VR6 3 Door Build AUS   
    Just waiting for these to arrive

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    matt1986 reacted to BigStinky in Vr6 alternator   
    Pop Hood, and unplug your battery (to avoid damage to you and your new alternator- some like to touch neg terminal to body to ground-out/drain any remaining power)
    2. Remove air cabin filter housing by the serpentine belt, remove anything in the way of you and both your hands reaching the alternator.
    2. Use an M8 bolt to release tension from the tensioner pulley on the serpentine belt.
    3. Jack the engine upwards from below, some use the oil pan to jack the engine upwards, I use a thin piece of wood as a softener, and find a solid chunk of engine to jack upwards.
    4. Once the engine looks jacked up enough to where the alternator clears your frame, that's plenty.
    5. If your spare alternator does not have a pulley, remove the old alternator pulley now by loosening it (reverse, left = tighten; right = loosen for this pulley)
    6. After step 5 (if needed) is done, remove wires carefully from the bum-end of the alternator, there should be a nut there that you need to keep, so be mindful to not lose this.
    7. Start unbolting your alternator from bottom bolt first, to top lost, I've found this to be personally easier, but you can unbolt this any order you like.
    8. The alternator and the long bolts with it, should now come upwards and out with ease- if not, repeat step 3 a little more, but be careful.
    9. Slap in that new alternator and assemble the harness wiring back onto the bum-end of it carefully (a mk3 by now has aged wiring, and can crack-the heat from a vr6 eats wires)
    10. Rebolt your alternator from top to bottom, torque it down safely, and you're almost done! (If you're re-using your old pulley for the new alternator, NOW would be the time to do so.
    11. Be sure your serpentine belt is in the proper fashion, and remove the M8 bolt from your tensioner pulley hole
    12. Get your key ready in the driver's door, re-connect your battery, and quickly turn the key into unlocked position from the driver's door before the annoying mk3 alarm goes off.
    13. Slowly and gently unjack the engine, re-install your cabin air filter and anything else you threw around, and that's it- your alternator is now installed onto your mk3 VR6.

    I hope this helped, good luck!
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    matt1986 got a reaction from VR6 Supercharged in Post the last photo of your car!   
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    matt1986 reacted to Brannonc4 in Post the last photo of your car!   
    My last pic, has been tucked away in the garage since May last year after a blown head and few other problems I decided to SORN it till this summer, next weeks it's going to RK Engineering in St Agnes for the headgasket repair also purchased myself some schimmel 263's and Schimmel's highflow head package - can't wait!!
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    matt1986 reacted to mk3vrlouis in Stock/Turbo Manifolds   
    Hey people, 
    Just wondering if there's a demand for decent quality stainless manifolds for NA and Turbo VRs. Basically I've seen a lot of people buying Chinese eBay manifolds or cast turbo manifolds and thought I could help replace them with something decent!
    We've just made up a 20VT manifold (prototype) super simple and same as stock turbo placement so no messing around but miles better flow. I've attached a picture of it so you can have a look. 
    I've got a VR6 daily and soon to be turbo'd track VR6 too so have the opportunity to develop a good manifold for both!
    Let me know what people think.... Open to other options for exhaust parts too!

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    matt1986 reacted to ssaunders in What did you do to your VR6 today?   
    Drove it after being without for 18 months! Rampant! Forgotten how bloody quick it is and only ran the 280 map, honestly scared to go all out to map 3 (330) and don't know how it will be after the syncro to haldex conversion and more boost! Aiming for 450.
    i will need to buy more underwear!
    Also not sure of this selfie thing!

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    matt1986 reacted to Utopiaplanitia in [SOLD] 95 MK3 Golf VR6 Highline For Sale   
    Time to sell my beloved  95 - N Plate MK3 Golf VR6 Highline - Black
    I don't have the time to drive it that much anymore due to work commitments away from home.
    Genuine 148,000 miles on the odometer (all verifiable)
    MOT till March 2018
    Taxed till Sept 2017
    New tyres fitted in Feb 2017
    Totally original car - no modifications.
    Original BBS 5 spoke star alloys in relatively good condition.
    I am the 2nd owner of this car and I've had it since 1998
    Autowatch Alarm immobiliser
    The car has been well looked after by me.
    All receipts documentation etc for work undertaken
    Car is predominantly maintained by a VW specialist mechanic
    Annual oil and filter changes.
    Car is in pretty good condition considering it is 22yrs old.
    No rust.
    Still drives beautifully.
    Electric sunroof, heated seats, aircon, electric mirrors- all work.
    Sony CD stereo with a sub-woofer in the boot.
    Only issues are the original steering wheel cover is worn in the top right side - I do have a new cover to fit to it.
    Slight wear on the side of the driver seat
    On the near side wing - somebody has nicked the small piece of plastic trim - I'm trying to source a replacement piece of trim.
    Body work has some minor stone chips but is otherwise in good condition.
    Priced at  £1400
    Contact  Jamie - on 07785-560-948
    I'm based in NW London

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    matt1986 got a reaction from Bungles in What did you do to your VR6 today?   
    Trying to find a hella headlight cover
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    matt1986 got a reaction from VR6CABBS in Hella quad headlight plastic cover   
    Ideal will message the guy and get back to u cheers buddy
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    matt1986 got a reaction from VR6CABBS in Hella quad headlight plastic cover   
    Good day guys, was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a hella quad light cover as had a bird fly into the cover
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    matt1986 reacted to The Monk in What did you do to your VR6 today?   
    Finally figured out why my exhaust is caked in soot. What do people/me with custom exhausts and these engines do?.
    6k in 1st gear to 30mph is visited regularly when hot. Then the oil level check on Thursday confirmed it. Max oil level before exhaust fitted. Half engine oil level now, 2 months later.
    I hate how addictive that noise is.
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    matt1986 reacted to vwbluethunder in Schrick VSR manifold ...   
    Here is my OBDI Schrick manifold for sale beacuse no more needed.
    Complete with vacuum accumulator , lines , electrovalve , module , and flap actuator (was changed for a brand new).
    It is sand blasted , ready for paint , polish or leave as is if you want.
    All lines and wires are labeled for easy install.
    The Manifold is located in Spain but can send wordwide  , PM me for a shipping quote.
    Price is 1300€ + shipping.
    Paypal or bank transfer.
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    matt1986 reacted to s3dxm in Dragon Green MK3 Recommission Project   
    And so the work continues......

    Been a while since I was here last....

    Far too much happening with family life and other stuff... Made an effort to get some more stuff done....

    All welding done - stonechip and under seal next.

    All calipers painted and refitted.

    Wheels on to see what they look like.

    Brake pipes to sort next and bleed.
    Coilovers to fit.
    Sump to change.

    Then paint!

    Undecided if I should stick with Dragon Green or maybe go satin olive drab....?

    Anyway, this is how she looks today.....

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    matt1986 got a reaction from boab3 in Post the last photo of your car!   
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    matt1986 reacted to aminder in VR6 Ignition Lead Tool   
    As above £10 posted each

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    matt1986 got a reaction from VR6CABBS in Post the last photo of your car!   
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    matt1986 reacted to Mark. in 312mm brake conversion (TT setup) write up / DIY   
    i dont know how many times it needs to be said 15 INCH WHEELS WILL NOT WORK!!! spacing the wheels wont work either, the simple fact is the disc and caliper are too big to fit inside a huge majority of 15inch wheels.
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    matt1986 reacted to Jakesy in Rear brakes   
    So I've just bought myself a mk3 vr6 brother in law raves about them so thought I'd see what all the fuss about, fair to say ten seconds later I see why! Now I'm stripping it down and rebuilding been doing a bit of digging and seen that there is a 312mm brake upgrade for the front brakes is than upgrade for the rears or is a case of leaving them just getting better discs and pads? If there is what is it and how do I go about doing it? 
    Many thanks in advance
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    matt1986 reacted to VR6CABBS in Post the last photo of your car!   
    A ride up to Cumbria Vag in the sun.

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    matt1986 got a reaction from boab3 in Ht lead holder removal   
    Ideal thanks very much for the info been drivin nuts trying to get it off. Hopefully get it sorted 2moz thanks again
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    matt1986 reacted to Mark. in 312mm brake conversion (TT setup) write up / DIY   
    First off, Im not trying to piss on any previous DIY guides been done before by users of this forum, Just i found as a total new to 312mm setup i found it hard getting the answers to certain questions regarding the conversion and pictures from the old threads were no longer hosted. I did a bit of asking around to get my answers and made this guide so anybody in the future wanting to do the conversion can see this thread when they search the forum to answer any questions. Fairly simpe swap and this is how i did it.
    Parts needed:
    -312mm discs from an audi tt / skoda octavia vRS and some mk4s (TT part no 8N0615311A)
    -caliper carriers (Audi TT caliper part no 8N0615123) (audi TT carrier part no (1)Left 8N0615124 (2)Right 8N0615125 )
    (note - later spec vr6 guys with 288mm brakes can use the original caliper. early obd1/rado guys will need the caliper from either obd2 vr6 or the caliper from your donor tt/octavia vRS/mk4 - early caliper guys (obd1) need to also buy banjo type brake hoses)
    -pads to suit 312mm discs (again obd2 guys can use your old pads but id reccomend buying new ones. )
    -6mm plate metal (this will become clear later)
    -m12 high tensile bolts at least 40mm long (your old bolts are no good)
    -16" wheels at least. 15s WILL NOT WORK
    here is my spacer i made. you will need to make two of these. It is VERY important you ensure the 12mm holes you drill match EXACTLY up with the 12mm holes in the carrier. This will save you trouble when it comes to putting them on the car. dont worry about it being neat, it cant be seen when its on the car.

    now i was ready to install my new parts
    just for comparrison 288 vs 312mm

    this is the reason for your 6mm plate spacer. notice the 312mm disc has a more protruding face out of the friction area. Your spacer will make your pads and caliper line up properly with the disc.

    Next stage is pretty simple, simply pulling your caliper off using an alen key on the two bolts on the back and the caliper will lift off. NOTE** do not let the caliper dangle by the brake hose, this can damage the hose, either hang it from the spring with a wire or balance it on the hub.
    Remove the old caliper carrier 2x 17mm bolts and throw it away (you have a nice new one to install in its place)

    Now simply bolt up you new carrier with the spacer BETWEEN THE CARRIER AND HUB with your new bolts

    the rest is easy simply reinstalling everything as they came apart, replacing your brake pads with new ones.

    hope this comes in handy to anybody wishing for better brakes on a budget. Its wet outside so i cant give a good feedback right now but initial impression is its a worthwhile improvement.
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    matt1986 reacted to rich in mk3 new bottom arms complete   
    thanks for advice chaps..mine has square indicators but obd socket is by ashtray??..but is obd1....think I have 280 brakes(if so i have a brand new set of 288 discs for sale!)..bealie.how are u.... Pm me a price dude..thanks cheers lads..
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    matt1986 reacted to besters in Golf Mk3 Short Shifter   
    I've been asked if I can supply short shifters for the Golf Mk3 as I already do for the Corrado Forum, link here -
    Photo here - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3G5ikFakLqGdDc2ZUp6YnlzYkk
    The Golf shifter is very similar to the Corrado shifter but they are NOT the same or interchangeable, I've taken a Golf shifter and a Corrado shifter complete with the Ali mounting frame and compared the two and they are very similar.
    I do not have a Golf Mk3 nor do I have access to one so this first shifter will be a development item and I'd like someone with a car local to me to be the Guinea Pig if this is possible. Don't worry it'll just be a case of swapping the shifter and trying it out but I'd like to be there when this happens, in fact I don't mind doing the swap myself as it would give me a better understanding of the Golf. I'm very close to M1 J25 Notts/Derbys.
    Providing the shifter will work and I have no reason not to believe this, the details are -

    Forward and back reduction only.
    Neutral to gear select reduction of 20mm (26%). It's only a mild reduction to prevent notchyness and excessive effort required to change gear.
    All worn parts replaced.
    Use your existing gear knob.
    Mechanism cleaned and greased.
    Install guide provided.
    Sold on an exchange basis only.
    If not completely satisfied, return the shifter for a refund.

    If you require feedback please see the above link on the Corrado Forum.

    Price is £80 posted with £25 refund on the return of your shifter to me providing it can be re-used.

    I can modify your shifter if it is sent to me but it needs to be in good condition, I will need it for around 1 week, cost for this is £55 posted back to you.

    Payment by Paypal or bank transfer, PM me for details.
    Comments very welcome.
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    matt1986 reacted to besters in Golf Mk3 Short Shifter   
    sedge, I live in Sandiacre, where's your mot being done?
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    matt1986 reacted to Cmd in Aluminum 12V VR6 THERMOSTAT housings on sale this week!   
    Whats the postage cost to The UK and how quickly can this be posted out
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