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  1. In middle of doing a mk2 3.2 bdb swap engine cranks got fuel injectors are working but no spark anyone have any ideas areas to look cheers
  2. WIRING help

    hi just doing a audi 3.2 bdb conversion into my mk2 golf and im just wandering does anyone know somewhere that would do the loom work as id rather not give it ago myself thanks
  3. aux water pump/ temp gauge

    @VR6Pete hi ive gone through all my wiring again and cleaned all the connections with electrical contact cleaner to make sure everything has a clean contact. i have got the fans to spin up by bridging 2 of the cables (red cable to red/white) going to the rad sender im using an ally rad with 2 11inch fans taking a guess and saying it doesnt change it much as i wired one in before doing the vr6 swap with just my gti 8v. when i bridge the cables at the yellow plug in any order i cant get the temp gauge to move i had it working for a few minutes but then it stopped and tried everything again and again but nothing could get it to work again. im guessing theres some lose connection or that the circuit has a break in it? if so would this stop the aux water pump water? i also tried the hard wire way with the aux water pump going from pin 31 in the clip on the side of the head to d/3 and the aux still wouldnt come on? any info would be nice getting stuck on things to try or going to start all over from the start
  4. aux water pump/ temp gauge

    @VR6Pete ok thank you ill give this ago tomorrow after work and have the 3 sensor in the thermostat housing coming tomorrow so ill fit them and go from there trying all the little ways youve said and let you know my findings thanks
  5. hi ive just got round to getting the car running and testing things that work, the engine runs fine no issues at all but the temo gauge in the car doesnt show anything even when cars been running for awhile ive done the fuse box jump from d8 to e2 as it says but still doesnt show anything? ive also connected the aux pump wire into d3 as says to but that doesnt work either its brand new works fine with it wired straight to the battery but not when engine is running or when youve had the car running and then turn it off doesnt kick in either is there something im mising out or is there a earth issue? as i cant get the fan to kick in on the radiator ether they work fine wired to 12v and if i unplug the fan control module and jump from the red wire to the red green big one the fan kick in straight away ? any help would be great thanks
  6. hi ive just about finished my conversion but the sump is sitting a little lower than my subframe which i dont really want was wandering if theres a shallower sump i can use i dont really want to raise the engine as i dont have much room left before it hits the bonnet thanks
  7. hi ive just begun swapping over the looms for my vr6 conversion and have got a few wires left over the first picture below shows the ones left which are part of the vr6 loom out of a 96 mk3 golf and the second pic shows the ones part of the loom inside the golf just wandering were the go as i cant find anything on them thanks. the two blue and yellow clips are also part of the vr6 loom thanks for any info
  8. after a pedal box from a corrado or b3/b4 passat to go in my mk2 if anyones got one for sale would help thanks