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  1. Hi guys just wondering if anyone has any pointers on putting a mk4 24v engine in a mk3 vr6 i have the mk4 engine ready with ecu loom and key and was running fine prior to removal,just after any advise and problems i may come up against while carrying out the swap thankyou
  2. Hi guys i have just bought a mk4 4 motion v6 doner car for my mk3 cab and have been told to do it 2wd rather than 4wd due to the work involved,can someone tell me what is required to carry this out,i believe a mk3 vr6 gearbox is needed or can i use the mk4,any pointers on this will be greatfull cheers
  3. Vr6 highline mulberry for sale

    cheers 07517170338
  4. Vr6 highline mulberry for sale

    hi any chance of sending some pics to my email address of the manual one,or wats app
  5. obd1 headlights

    cheers mate found a set new £70 delivered(
  6. obd1 headlights

    thanks for reply,if i bought a new set of duel chambers as you mentioned will these plug straight in with no messing about,cheers
  7. obd1 headlights

    hi i have recently been looking at a n reg highline but noticed the headlights do not have the separate built in spotlight,is this normal for earlier vr;s? the lights are just full units,if so can they swapped for the spotlight lamps with no extra messing with the wiring,cheers
  8. obd1 port location

    thanks for replying,that is on the the odb2 later 1996 onwards i had this on my previous p reg
  9. hi can someone tell me were the obd1 diognostics port is on a 1995 n reg golf vr6 highline,its not next to the demister like on later obd2 versions? cheers