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  1. Layfs

  2. hi, cheeky question...... Anyone on here live in South Devon that can scan my car and confirm why my ABS light is on? This is a OBD2 connection but won't work with my cheap scanner so believe it maybe one of the OBD1/2 changeover vehicles.... Thanks
  3. Every one thinks kids wont change them......oh how I wish for the days when I could lay in bed on a Saturday till midday if I choose to.......come to think of it i'd be happy to sleep in until 7am every morning rather than my current 5am wake up call every day Good luck with the sale.
  4. Hi

    I've ordered some through euro parts as I had a special Black Friday code and they are coming today.
  5. Hi

    Cheers I was thinking 17" as a good compromise. With regards to lights I don't want it to look chavy just brighter so will check out the Osram bulbs.
  6. Kickdown Adjustment

    Thanks, yes it's hardly done any mileage in the last three years so it wouldn't hurt.
  7. Kickdown Adjustment

    Thanks.....I beleive it can be reset by disconnecting the battery for 15 mins and then left idling for 15 mins? I would like the box to shift down a couple of gears so if I floor it at 2,000 rpm's it rev's higher than say 3,000 rpm's.
  8. Hi

    Hi All I have just picked up a rust free low mileage MK3 VR6 Highline for the misses and she absolutely loves it. She only drives 1k miles a year herself so i'm hoping to have an appreciating asset over the next 5-10 years and as such will lavish it with the care and love it deserves (unlike my 40k miles a year company cars that are thrashed to within an inch of their life). The car is pretty much fault free but I am a fuss arse so will ensure everything is setup perfectly. I have the following plans for her; Wheels Replace the original 15" BBS alloys with either 17"s or 18"s. Suspension Plan to replace anything at perishes and will want a set of good quality coil-overs at some stage Exhaust Looking to fit something that looks sportier but don't want it to be loud (maybe just a little bit throatier) Lights Has the original Hella twins on the front and want to replace the bulbs with something that actually helps see in the dark as the lights are pathetic I am sure I'll be picking everyone's brains from time to time
  9. Kickdown Adjustment

    Hi All I have just picked up a low mileage Mk3 VR6 Auto for the misses. I am not sure the kickdown is working correctly. It will shift down a gear when i floor it but only one gear and will shift up in 1st at around 4k rpm. Changes without any slipping and manual selector is fine so I don't believe there is anything too serious with the box. I have the version without a dipstick it that makes any difference. Thanks