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  1. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    So happy i found this post. Can't wait to read every word like 10 times 👍
  2. Ive been looking for them but cant seem to find any 3.2l that are bored, stroked or built for some serious boost. any links or info would be much appreciated. Im going to be getting another 3.2 vr6 to fully build and then swap into my 05 TT. Now im just trying to gather up where to get what parts i need and how much its going to cost lol Thanks
  3. What to do with my 24v 3.2L vr

    Kinda what i was thinking but ill check out that compound thread to see Sent from my LGLS770 using Tapatalk
  4. Alright currently im saving up for this project because its expensive to me. Ive been searching and reading for a while, now here are some thoughts. I know with turbos i can get a **** ton of boost +- lag. A root or screw sc will pretty much give me instant torque. I am not ready to rebuild my 130k mi. engine yet, so ill be running under 10psi for now. By no means would i want to stay there. Would it be terrible to think i could slap on a sc now and after the rebuild add some nitrous to increase the boost? If someone wants to bring up driving style i have a Quattro and love drifting and really want to do an awd burnout. P.s. i know other components will be needing an upgrade Also i feel if i go twin turbos a nice big one with a little one im probly not going to experience much lag and will be able to produce much boost after the rebuild. Sent from my LGLS770 using Tapatalk
  5. before i order 4 of these adapters just looking to see if someone has 5x100 to 5x108 adapters their trying to rid of. Thanks. Sent from my LGLS770 using Tapatalk
  6. Never introduced myself

    Cool I was thinking about a supercharger but might be out of my price range. If you don't mind me asking what kind of power are you getting?
  7. Never introduced myself

    Thanks any of you have turbos? ?
  8. Vr6 24v racecar help needed- please!

    Hey that really looks like the fuse box off of my 2005 3.2l TT but positioned upside down
  9. Hi I see most of you are vw owner's but I love my 3.2l tt just as much. Just here to learn as much as I can about the vr6.
  10. Never introduced myself

    Hi everyone I have a 3.2L mk1 audi tt. I am super new.i Have done a few mods but not many(intake &exhaust ). I am about to install an apr stage 1 tune. My ultimate goal is to install a big a** turbo + chassis parts and breaks. My tt will be my race car when I am done my progress is slow as of funds & knowledge but they both are increasing