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  1. The wife has fetched me some of these home so into the garden..... the cleaning can wait till it's cooler [emoji106]
  2. Too damn hot here !!!gonna wait till later [emoji41]
  3. Hi yes if there are places available on the stand I can make it
  4. Hi all just start by saying I'm loving my first vr it's a one owner low mileage (54k) 1996 5 door In mystic blue I Wanted to know if there is any modified parts regarding the timing chain/guides As I've seen a deutch car video stating the vr6 engine is very reliable once mods have been Made or parts changed for the timing chain and guides ???? Is this even true if it is then is it for obd1 and obd2 If any one can shed some light on this it would be appreciated as it's got me wondering about the factory fitted components and if there are parts to prevent future issues Cheers all
  5. Hi all I now have my first golf vr6 I've had lots mk1 and 2 golf gti's and a mk3 cab but I've always wanted a VR and finally found a nice example a few little niggles I'm hoping to get some help with
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