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  1. I'm going on the performance figures from data they have collected from it. They tested it on a 2.8 Saab V6 and the results were really good according to them! The HY35 stock outlet is 2.5 inch, and my one is 3.75, I think so it gives the option for huge power if it's desired more than anything. Originally I was planning to purchase the HY35, I only bought this because it came up and i knew how rare they were and thit was basically a tuned version of the HY35! So you think the exhaust side is too small? surely that is better for low end? The HY at 1.5bar puts out 500 of each at a low rpm! I'
  2. So you think if its well sealed and it's tuned properly it should be ok? I'll be having a 3" exhaust, or there abouts, did you look at the power chart for the HY35?
  3. I have already bought the turbo, it has a 3.75 inch outlet, it's designed for use between 2.2 and 2.8L, which is exactly what I want. I don't want power up high, this is my point, the car is being designed and build as a motorway mile muncher, i want it to have instant response in any gear at any speed, and I know this turbo will do this, it has been proven on many engines, in fact I actually have one that is modified to improve its performance based on bad points of the original HY35. It won't be spending its life high in the rev range anyway! This is the original HY35: http://www.ebay.co.u
  4. No, it will boost until the red line no problem at all! Trust me, Google the HY35! Thats my point is i want it spooling early, I don't want to have to rev to 4k just to get it to go on boost, its the low down grunt I'm after which is why i bought it! No it's an 02M DRP box, strong and I have 2 spares for if i break them I have a picture of your Caddy going up the strip at action last year!
  5. It's a modified Holset HY35, it will be on boost below 3000 and max boost at around 3000! The 2.5 L engine its tested on gives 500ft/lb at about 3200rpm, so the VR will be a little under this. The BHP isn't the worry for me, it's the torque! It will bent rods, but I'm not sure if the pistons will hold out as well as it won't be going much above 500 and i can't see it making any more heat that would muller the pistons!
  6. After some more engine tuning/strength advice! Basically I have an AQP 24v engine and it's going to be turbo'd in a 4motion Mk1. The turbo is capable of easily pushing out over 500bhp and 500ft/lb, and it can do this as low as about 3200rpm, which is low! Standard internals i know are strong but at this low RPM I'm sure they would give up! So, if you were going to do rods or pistons, which would you do? Because some places say the rods are the weak link, some say the pistons are, and honestly I have no clue! I would like to have that power down low if possible, but if i am going to need to
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