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  1. By the way it’s pretty low[emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  2. Hi all need help took my vr to a garage in Leeds for a new master cylinder and now it’s nearly 3 months later after getting it refurbed now it’s bk there saying the brakes are locking on and they don’t no what to do they are(vw specialists supposedly [emoji35][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35]) need to get it back they say it’s undrivable so need it transporting from one side of Leeds to the other willing to pay and will be coming with pls help
  3. Wanted

    Wondered if any one new off a votex front lip and rear lip for sale already got the skirts wanted to complete the kit cheers
  4. Hi all posted before about headliner after a 3 door sunroof model headliner not bothered if material marked as long as the backing is in good order willing to travel about to get one within reasons also after a 3 door drivers door Once again as long as door in good condition no rust or bad dents not bothered about paint Cheers in advance
  5. Hi all just wondered if any one has a mk3 3 door headliner for sale with sunroof not bothered if material is marked as long as the backing is fine no breakages cheers
  6. Burton830

  7. Hi everybody

    Hi cheers not that much think the styling is just about there probz gunna smooth front bumper and relocate number plate just trying to save up and get the body work I need doing first got rust in the usual places were the door seals meet bit on the a piller and a little bit above windscreen so gunna need windscreen out joy got 2 new wings to get sprayed up as bottom of the wings that came with it are rotten once all that sorted gunna start tuning the engine she's running 189 at the moment
  8. Hi everybody

    Hi thanks mate ye that's what drew me to the vr swaped it for a seat Leon cupra had to do a bit ov work tho but running sweat now
  9. Hi everybody

    Hi just like to say hi to everybody and show pic of my new vr hope u all like
  10. VW Golf Mk3

    VW Golf Mk3
  11. Name: VW Golf Mk3 (1995)<br />Date Added: 10 March 2015 - 01:43 PM<br />Owner: Burton830<br />Short Description: My mk3 vr6 quite a nice tidy car needs bit off work but not 2 much it's running 189 bhp sitting on borbet A 16 in 9 inch wide all round and stretched 195 tyres Jetex exhaust straight through and de-cat pipercross x induction kit but gonna put standard airbox in just drilled and better filter got mk4 recaro front seats not got round to fitting backs in yet lowered on coilovers bad bits need 2 front wings replaced wich I have just need funding to get them sprayed rust on sills inside door and bit on A piller also little bit on drivers side door all in all good clean mk3 drives beautifully second mk3 iv owned first was an gti 8v but love the power and sound of the vr<br /><br /><br /><br />View Vehicle