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  1. Hi Max, In general that was my shopping list: [v] Rotrex c30-84 [v] Bigger injectors 440cm Bosch (green tops) [v] Rollers and tensioner [v] Ribbed pulley [v] Auxiliary/charger belt [v] Boost pipe to charger [ ] Rising rate fuel pressure regulator [ ] Oil reservoir [ ] Breather filter [v] Oil lines [v] Rotrex Fluid bottle with lines [v] Air con / foam for air filter [ ] Air filter relocation silicone hose [v] Rotrex traction fluid [ ] Silicon hose from the charger to the original inlet manifold [ ] and 90* bend with the T fitter for the inlet of the charger Clamps R
  2. Hi! Bought Storm shell last October and just finished with the other half the little homegrown vr6 conversion/reshell project. C's on the road for the first time from the last 10 years! The next step is to supercharge it Slowly collecting bits & pieces and some money for the remap Hoping to get it done by the end of April. Got rotrex which was literally found by the hubby on the scrapyard, ribbed pulley, oil cooler and waiting for the injectors to arrive (Green tops Bosch), 1. what else do I have to add to my shopping list? So far I've got Silicon hoses, t-pees, auxiliar
  3. I would be massively suprise if they find a rado without faulty sunroof in this price range ;-)Prices for all spare parts they claimed - guess they have been very'very lucky bidding on ebay :-P Anyone knows when I can find abs sensors for £3?
  4. Hey peeps! I'm there all weekend with Altered DNA (my local club), so won't be suprise if you see rado with vr6oc sticker not on the right club stand ;-) but will pop in to say hello :-) And a bit off topic question does anyone who's going to Inters get a spare round plastic cover to adjust the seat (driver's side) and the plasticky bit which let you to fold down the seat (I've broken mine a while ago) for sale?
  5. Just a few extra advices for rado vr6 buyers: Body: * Check for a rust on the rear hatch around the rear windshield and the bottom area of the doors. * The rear spoiler should extend/retract around 55mph. * Check the state of the roof gators. If they're perished it might cost you a few more $ then you expect. Interior: * Look for broken/worn out seat bolsters (especially the driver's side). * Check if you get a first aid kit inside the armrest of the back seat and the emergency triangle hide between back seats. * When checking electrical windows don't be surprise when you try to oper
  6. Wow! This black paint looks quite cool. And Holset is massive Well done mate - lots of effort put in.
  7. keep forgetting it's one of these shows where us average people can mix with the high class oh well at least you had a sneaky peak
  8. Once you went in you should take off a high vis and pretend to be an average spectator booked a helicopter flight on sat, so i'm quite curious about the whole experience.
  9. Hi peeps! Just to let you know TSR in Bridgwater is organising an open day with a RR run. As far as I know everyones welcome. More info at fb on their profile. I'm kind of local, so I give a go to my rado just to check how much power vr6 can generate with fixed ECU (descovered i had a few issues with it and I'm a bit down on power, when went on the last RR day at Stealth).
  10. tbh if you can i would advice to buy a whole donor car (they are not bad price if you source one with damaged body panels). it will be so much easier then sourcing part after part and wondering what element is going where. and you can always sell off all bits you don't need to your conversion.
  11. Hope you won't loose any of them in the crowd looking how quickly the nearest hotels were fully booked I expect an army of people from all over UK. hope it will be a nice, sunny weekend what hotel are you stay in?
  12. Sounds quite good ☺ and will be nice to see something a bit different then a polished rocker cover.
  13. Basic shopping list: engine, loom, ecu, custom downpipe or ready made set for the 24v conversion (dubpower/ united motorsport) A couple months ago had a brief idea to convert 12v to 24v so did a small research and: the engine swap is quite straight forward (you can use the same engine mounts), the only one trouble's the exhaust as it has twin cats with 4 probes in it, so you need a custom downpipe to add the probes and to fit the VR. Look at the-corrado.net and vwvortex for more info. Changing the engines it's worth to clean and repaint the enginebay (if needed - the rattle cans are great
  14. Hi peeps! Who's going to the event this year? Who was in the previous years? We're going with my other half Fri to Sun. It will be my very first time and Dave was there over 10 years ago, so we aren't sure what to expect... Any tips and advices?
  15. Damirz I got NGK V-line for my rado a couple months ago and that was deffo improvement! but bare in mind the prevoius set of Bosch'es was completly shagged!
  16. Vr6 parts are still far cheaper then audi a4's and as guys say you can always find lots of them here so I wouldn't worry too much. 1994 vr6s are exactly the same good as every other year ones.
  17. one of 1093 vr6 rado's mine and lots of another might be find on the forum quite usefull link Duke!
  18. Hi and welcome mate! You sound exactly like my bf who's name's Dave too and he also owns mk2 gti (just with 20v instead of vr6 ;-) ) what colour is your golf? we are based on southeast (bristol/glastonbury area) what about you?
  19. I fancy it but not this time. had quite rough last few weeks preparing for a black belt exam in taekwondo and constant luck of time for my rado, so i've got quite long list things to sort out and besides that dragging my car off to any track-related events 2 weeks before going to the ring is not the smartest idea but if you know about any free spaces at the events organising by briskoda june - october time feel free to pm me a few conclusions after Saturday at Combe * 60% chances of rain predicted by BBC on a Friday night means take your sunnies and t-shirt * you know you got the best
  20. You're going there craggsy or waiting for better weather? :-)
  21. yeah mate the life feels so unfair when vr6 just kicked your ass and you'd discovered it was women driver in it and it's quite unfair too when you see a good driver on the race track and a few minutes later you discover it's a girl! lol especially if you don't feel enough brave to take your own car for a session round (true story! ) I'm affraid that driving vr6 got nothing common with the sex of an owner it's more about personality Vr6s are for the brave people!
  22. Swivelonit you're taking your mk4 tomorrow? The forecast: says "Cloudy with light rain developing later in the day. High 17C. Chances of rain 60%" so can imagine we will see at least a few crashes at the quarry corner! and 510bhp at wet will be quite challanging for Yeti's driver.
  23. Helga sounds German and i'm quite sure it's not a Viking name Olivier you are right - it's rather rare to be a girl and own vr6, but not impossible and all ladies posting in this topic are deffo brave :-D
  24. Ladies drive/own vr6... yes we are here some of us might run away after reading comments from this topic bought my rado half a year ago and it's my daily! What's more the previous owner was a women too. Belive me or not but she was in her 60s/early 70s! Next month i'm taking him arround the ring and Castle Combe. Blonde hair - checked helmet - checked horns - eeer invisible trash the men down the drag strip - checked arm wrestle - if taekwondo sparring count then checked does it means i'm a Viking women?
  25. Who's going to the Castle Combe spring action day on Saturday? http://www.castlecombecircuit.co.uk/events/action_display_event.asp?BookingEventID=817 Might go for a session on the track, will see on the day.
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