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  1. VR612VT

  2. Just need Software now, got my hands on a Prp. Maf too.
  3. Now looking for the PROMAF Version! No need for injectors, already got them.
  4. lugtronic

    Well, if you don't want or don't need any support at all, buy it. I got Lugtronic with custom harness+++ but the support sucks massive. Kevin has the worst customer service there is. Haven't driven it yet but VEMS is in my opinion the best there is. Many I5 running massive HP in Norway with VEMS. I would always buy the stand alone your tuner recomments you. He's the guy who has to tune it later on, good feeling to know that he knows what he's doing.
  5. MK4 R32 frontbrakes complete

    i know. i am talking about the brakes in the link you posted.
  6. MK4 R32 frontbrakes complete

    didnt saw your post before now. i'll keep it in mind. still 16" possible with this, right?
  7. I need a complete Airbox for my Vento VRT. Upper part, lower part, the 4 clips and the thing in front for cold air. I need it shipped to norway. Thanks!
  8. MK4 R32 frontbrakes complete

    Carrier, pistons, pads and discs please
  9. As the title says. Stage 1, 2, 3 or four doesn't matter. Would be wonderfull will a complete kit.