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  1. Will Have to have a gab about that as I would t mind doing the raddo next summer for te wife tbh
  2. Lol yes ya did fella , hope ya well mate . Ain't heard of ya in a while , you been busy working all the time
  3. I've been doing track days for quite a few years . Well over 20 tbh ( yes I'm an old git ) tried out rc6 pads on sat , and all I can say is awesome . Unbelievable stopping power through standard calipers on my Clio track slag . Strongly recommend these for track abuse
  4. That looks nearly new mate . Cracking pic too
  5. Down there in my Clio . Having a shake down on the car . As a few bits ain't right . Waiting for the gearbox to spill the beans lol , and treated myself to a new trailer .
  6. Yes not every ones cup of tea . But the track day season has begun , got 4 booked for next 10 weeks so thought yeah . Get me one of them
  7. Oliver cox Think I've seen a similar car tbh You drive a skoda yes ?? Lol
  8. Been out sorting out my little French tickler , new carbone Lorraine pads rc6 all round new hc disks . Royal blue fluid !! And if she's lucky I might wash her , first time Since 2013 !!! Pfffttt bollox not washing her lol
  9. Pmsl good excuse not to wash the car then !!!
  10. Lol there after roughly 300 mile so a bit ahagged
  11. Think these are foobar !!! They were ds2500 on my Clio
  12. Cheers mate I shall give him a call see what he says fella
  13. Yes mate . Only concern with them is breaking edges ? I know a good few of the lotus boys that regular track . And they where getting chucks breaking off the edges when they where under hard use ,
  14. Was running ds2500 on my track Clio . And found them ok . Fade after 6 laps at cadwell . Now I'm running a lot more power . Was going to upgrade to ds3000 . But am reading that the latest ferrodo pads don't seem to be great ?? Have been recomended 1166 of a few people . Yes they squeal when cold and do produce more dust . But this is for a track car only . Anybody used both by any chance ??
  15. Don't think they would of let me stay mate . There was Arabs walking about with watches on worth more than my 3 bed detached . It was a millionaires play meet I think . Security weren't happy as they said there is strictly no photography . And helicopter ride ya jammy b stard !! I love helicopters . Shame mine takes 4 triple a lol
  16. There based near me and know a few of the mechanics . For any that don't know them . They brought us the r35 powered juke . Only two ever made . They did run the British Chevrolet touring car team . And now run the European team . Well this is something they have thrown together ?? Who needs roads lol
  17. Welcome along and fair play benny k . Talk about a speedy recovery . And got any piccys please mate
  18. I done a delivery there ages ago . Matt Neil was there drifting a veyron on track . There was 5 slr mclaren mercs there a good few million pound cars . Enzo.s etc well I was walking about with my hi vis jacket on etc taking pics . Next thing I know is security came over and kicked me out . I had to drop my trailer and leave . Great place though
  19. I am mate undecided if to buy a evo 9 as a daily or keep saving lol .
  20. Starting on track car now as I'm bored . Chuckling at the small writing on the reg plate
  21. Cars starting to take shape on how I'm trying to get her looking . Wife will not let me take the v46 rossi stickers off lol bloody woman
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