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  1. got mine in mid september this year
  2. its the only car I've had that i grin as I'm walking towards it and I've had a lot of cars in the past. so just think if it makes me feel like that then it must be worth it
  3. When i got it ,it was a shit heap and after two weeks of owning it was straight in the body shop and has now been completely smoothed (doorstrips, arial, debadged, ) all fresh paint in black/graphite gray mix with a pearl flick. colour coded wheels and door handles. apexi modded nissan skyline induction kit. now waiting on some emails on supercharger and turbo prices do come back to me.
  4. heres a few more pics of the beast
  5. will get some more pitchers soon for you all
  6. I'm a new rado owner And member
  7. Hi all I'm a new member Based in Portsmouth and have Now got a rado vr6. Only had it three months so Is a work in progress. Had all bodywork done smoothed ect. New paint in pearl black With colour coded wheels. Please let me know what you Think so far and any ideas welcome
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