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  1. Hi trying to track down more information about this car and hoped some on here might know it's history due to it having a vr6 owners club sticker on it.A friend of mine brought it as a track car but he has no idea what it has done as the history has gone missing . Cheers rob
  2. Vr6 0bd 1 engine complete including engine gearbox driveshafts (manifold not included). It also comes with complete wiring loom ecu pas pump and pedals can have dash as well .Want all gone in one go but might break upon requests. Engine and box ran faultless and plenty of power Had this vehicle 2years and broke for engine to put in mk 2 golf but never got round to it and have now got a 4 motion complete so this is going .engine had 160 000 miles on it and ran with no probs before breaking and still have clocks to prove milage.I have lost count the amount of times I have fell over th
  3. Hi all .I have a golf mk 2 shell and just brought a cheap complete 4motion cheap with 77 thou genuine milage but has headgasket problem.I am looking at vr6 conversion and went to look at obd2 engine with 6 hour round trip and returned disappointed minus engine. So looking at 4 motion and thinking ill have a bash at putting it in but unsure if it will fit with mk 3 running gear I have and will 4 motion calipers fit mk 3 hubs. would it be wiser to hang on for obd2 or put 4 motion lump in as I have complete car to scrap. i had thought of putting haldex on put I want car on the r
  4. The cv joint I have tested on full lock and nothing.I will check bushes might just change them then I know its done.Thanks for your help its given me a clue where to go from. cheers rob.
  5. Hi all I need advice on a clunking sound that sounds like its front right wheel. I took the car to get camber and tracking done(both were miles out as I just changed struts days before) but when I picked it up I noticed a clunking.They had it back and couldn't see anything,At low speeds when driving a clunking noise appears that seems to be connected with the speed im traveling at.When i pull away and when I touch the brakes I feel it through pedal.I was thinking cv joint driveshaft but I aint got a clue where to start.If anyone could help it would be gratefully received. cheers rob.
  6. Thanks for the help guys I will attempt operation gearbox at the weekend so fingers crossed. Cheers Rob
  7. Hi all I have just noticed an oil leak (gearbox end) on my 95 vr6 golf and after replacing sump gasket the leak is still there.Im about to remove the gearbox and would like to ask if the flanges on the driveshaft going into the box need to be renewed as will be draining box oil as been told easier to remove both shafts. cheers rob Ps Im a complete novice to golfs so any help would be great.
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