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  1. clutch slip / judder

    Quick update.. Picked up a 3 piece sachs clutch for a good price, had it fitted yesterday along with vw clutch fork, new sump, oil chamge and filter and rear brake hoses ( noticed they wers bubbling when i had new discs and pads).. What a difference clutch is effortless! Its actually enjoyable to drive now winners!
  2. Hello everyone

    This is winners!
  3. clutch slip / judder

    Thanks Pete no I've not tried that I'll Give it a go tonight to check the engine stability I checked the master and slave cylinder for any fluid and was both dry so I'm gonna assume its the clutch then
  4. clutch slip / judder

    When setting off in 1st gear im getting a juddering and there seems to be no bite to the clutch so struggling setting off need to give it loads of revs to get off the mark. I replaced front engine mount and gear box mount recently. Anyone had a similar problem or anything i could check before i order a new clutch?
  5. Vw festival Harewood house Leeds

    Is the club stand just the sunday or sat aswell?
  6. Vw festival Harewood house Leeds

    I'm in..
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