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  1. Mines off the road but happy to help Pete, let me know
  2. Usually as Pete mentioned, get some copper grease and cover the wire with it and also make sure the window isn't fouling on any of the rubber seal. hope I have helped
  3. Full front end conversion needed preferably in dragon green but will accept other colours in good condition will travel many many miles for a dragon green one cheers
  4. scholsey

    Vr6 vento

  5. Welcome to my build thread bought my vr6 from Liam Hooper in coventry, At the time it was hard to find a 3 door dragon green vr obd2 haha, was in abit of a state.... 150k calibre vintage 17" fk street coilovers r32 shallow sump and pickup milltek full decat remote hatch smoothed smooth front bumper clifford full closure alarm anni indicators m3 rear lights mk4 front lights recaro front cloth, corrado steering wheel, suede roof lining wierd induction kit work in progress pictures to follow jet engine on the intake! least it had these going for it as i got it to mine S
  6. scholsey

    (1997) Vinnie the VR

    I tell people i'm not poor i just own a vr6
  7. Name: VW Golf Mk3 (1997) Date Added: 30 July 2014 - 11:55 AM Owner: scholsey Short Description: Ap Coilovers, Porsche D90 (H&R adaptors), BMC CDA induction, 8mm Magnecore leads, Eibach anti-roll bars, Leather interior cloth recaro fronts, 280mm momo team wheel, dvd player, uprated soundsystem and bass, leather highline handbrake/gear stick, Smooth Front / rear bumper, powerflex mounts, Miltec full exhaust (decat) samco coolant hoses phase one vento front, plasma dials etc etc etc ........Work needed (all new)Aux tensioner & beltAlternator (Bosh!)Bosh service (was needed asap - plugs we
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