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  1. Mk3 vr6 cabrio

    Ah thought it was my old one then but mine was on a n reg.
  2. Mk3 vr6 cabrio

  3. Mk3 vr6 cabrio

    I used to have a dark vr6 cab. What's the reg?
  4. Project Cab

    Yeah it was the seals. For the price of the oil cooler I replaced the whole thing
  5. Dubs at the Castle 2014


    PM me with what I need to do and I will sort it out asap.
  6. Dubs at the Castle 2014


    Sorry cornish only now noticed your post. Yeah I would interested in coming and camping as its local to me. Good event for the wife and kids to come or is it one for the boys?
  7. My Mystic Blue MK3 VR6

    That does sound the nuts! Would be tempted myself but I bet its a lot of £££'S for 20 bhp.
  8. Project Cab

    Wheels now added and had a nice oil cooler leak to deal with. I hear that is a common problem with vr6's? All sorted now as picked a new one up and added fresh coolant. New kamei style grille next and that will be dipped in carbon fibre and some new quad lamps also to be dipped. Next up new wing and removing rust of the bodywork. Excuse the dirt the car really does need a good clean!
  9. Yeah looking sweet. I do like the chrome handles. Made my mind up anyway. Next on the purchase list!
  10. My mk3 vr6 turbo

    Looks sweet. Love the colour.
  11. Project Cab

    It is a bit of a fun project. Not really looking to add much more BHP but you never know! Picked up these today for only £225 so well happy. Will be putting them on sometime next week. Also bought a new kamei style grille thanks to CALICO which will be carbon dipped. Need to drop a vr6 in that cab! Lol the noise in the open is addictive!
  12. Project Cab

    Replaced all the speakers finally as the old ones were shot and added a few cosmetic parts. Next is the the hunt for wheels and interior and maybe some new headlights and a grill.
  13. Et25?

    Cheers guys your input is always appreciated
  14. Et25?

    Straight fit.
  15. Et25?

    Cool thanks for the info.