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  1. HI Mate, what make are the polly bushes in the rear subframe and what make are the rear adjustable arms?
  2. u need a restrictor ring goes in the inletside of charger with a radius style machine finish then u open that up with a lave to allow more air to get more psi. I have one that i could sell u, it is set for about 7psi but that can be opened up to get more power or fit a spacer plate or pistons bigger injectors no restrictor and go for it!
  3. Rotrex Chargers don't work on pulley size = psi. You restrict / adjust the amount of psi by putting a restrictor in the inlet side of charger. The size of the pulley is the smaller it is quicker it spins charger giving instant almost boost! but if u are 2 wheel drive it will just spin the wheels. What Rotrex charger do u have?
  4. Is it a mk4 4Motion? If so Lucifer on the R32OC does a stainless set of manifolds but 6 into 2 then decat into one
  5. Hope you have won the Lottery as u are gonna need some really deep pockets if going Turbo.
  6. unfortunately there are no ready made pipes but by silicone and alloy bits from ebay and when your happy with the pipework get some alloy bends and have em welded up.
  7. ok your looking at About £1250 for brackets and pulleys from me, Rotrex charger about £1550 give or take a bit depending on exchange rate, couple of hundred quid for pipe work and about £450 for mapping as long as your fuel pump and injectors are all healthy. Bracket and pulleys are first bit to get then add a charger when saved up a bit more?
  8. I can supply bracket and pulleys for a Rotrex setup and point u in the direction where to buy a new charger at a decent price! Low boost will see u about 300 to 350BHP and high boost (head spacer or pistons) 400+ and totally reliable. I have supplied a few of the R32 Boys with kits.
  9. Sunroof drain pipes are blocked
  10. Vince at Stealth Racing wouldnt go anywhere else!
  11. I got a 24v with Rotrex on low boost hitting 312bhp Vince at Stsalth backed it off to that figure as I do track days. Gonna build an engine for full boost over the winter?
  12. HI, I can supply brackets and pulleys all new for fitting a Rotrex C30/94 on a 3.2 24v i have same user name on R32OC or pm me if interested.
  13. FLORIDA747


    Anyone got a couple of old inlet / outlet vales they dont need? mate looking to do a big valve head on his T5 van already pushing 312bhp wants em just to test fit. Cheers for any help.
  14. Can anyone tell me where i can get some performance upgraded HT leads? Searching web is not coming up with much? Are they same as mk3 VR6?
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