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  1. Mk2 vr daily

    Well while I'm still without my car thanks to the bodyshop being beyond a joke I got bored and found a 24v vr engine with ecu and looms. There's no rush to get it in just going to source everything and get it all ready to drop in when the time is right. I couldn't make sense of the PDF file so I ported it and stitched it all together shame it's over 2 meters long now but on the plus side I don't need my reading glasses The loom is pretty much there now being made a hybrid to fit the ce2 fusebox just need to get it back to the engine for routing and then leave it for whenever it goes into the mk2.
  2. Mk2 vr daily

    Well I gambled with the carpet and it paid off as it's a exact match to the old carpet. Just a shame I got my measurements wrong with the order lol Lots of waiting around for glue to set and move onto the next section was boring and contact adhesive stinks so much!!! Atleast it's all paid off and I done it first attempt.
  3. Mk2 vr daily

    Slow progress so attacked my parcel shelf and supports. The shelf had the old grey carpet removed and fibre glassed the supports on there to prevent any sag. The supports I sealed from the inside to then cut off the outside speaker grill. Once it was off I sanded it back to meet the fibre glass and prepped it for the new carpet. The lugs for the shelf had snapped off so I made some new ones and deleted the alarm switch to smooth it. Once I've sourced the right carpet I'll cover these that's if I can find anything close to oem carpet.
  4. I'm in the process of extending my looms for the engine bay and I have afew wires I can't find out what they are. I've gone through the a2resource website and got most from there but I'm left stumped on these ones. Vr6 12v 2.8 obd2 manual coil pack 1995 engine ISO connector to fuse box. Thick red/blue (main positive to fusebox?) Thin black/yellow Thin blue/black Thin brown/green Thin brown/red Brown/white Black Black/red
  5. Mk2 vr daily

    I made a start on the new engine loom from the fuse box to ISO connection as I wasn't happy when the loom coming out of the fire wall it just looked untidy. I plan on relocating the main connection out of sight and somewhere safe from water. I chopped up the spare loom I had to separate all the senders and to make more sense of it all. I wasn't willing to use trailer wire like many companies do so I opted to go to the breakers and take out two whole looms from a Gti and a polo so I could colour and thickness match the existing wires. This way I can back track any wires and not have to worry about not knowing what they are. All wires checked and shrink wrapped I have to wait for the car back before I do anymore of the wiring. Old loom
  6. Mk2 vr daily

    The front seats are now done! New baluster panels and seat panel Aswell as a new base foam for the drivers seat. I stripped the top coat off the seats and recoloured them to see which areas need some filler and more colour. After the prept and colour was done I have them 2 coats of satin top coat to seal the colour. Old damaged panels Clear difference between old and new leather Before and after colour The finished product
  7. Mk2 vr daily

    Made a surprise visit to the body shop to add some pressure and actually get it sort. The surrounding round were badly flooded and one guy thought he'd go for it and get stranded lol Apprently the roof is being started today when it was already on they told me... On the way back picked up my front seats from Lawrence grey who replaced the bolsters and seat base with new napa leather which I will strip the coating and blend the two leathers
  8. Mk2 vr daily

    While I wait for updates on the car these are done and ready to come back
  9. Mk2 vr daily

    well the cracks in the roof turned out to be a complete skin of filler 2-4mm thick in places and covered the entire roof. After getting some of it back some rust and in the end a hole appeared from where they had welded it up and covered it up. Was no other option then to source another roof and have both skins picked off and swapped over.
  10. Mk2 vr daily

    Gone till next year
  11. Mk2 vr daily

    Stripped out with the cloth seat in as the leather needs attention
  12. Mk2 vr daily

    With a spare set of handles I went to work on stripping these down and seeing if I could refurb them to a decent standard. Took afew attempts to find a product which would bring back the black shine without it fading after a wash and ended up with a good result. The internals were stripped in coastic soda and buffed with the dremel. While I was at it I decided to match the spare barrels to my key which wasn't as difficult as most make it out to me. All back together and I finally have a drivers side handle that let's me lock the car from the outside!
  13. Vr6 Metal rocker cover

    Haha he said they need to be ordered in I found this post but the first part number is wrong they told me
  14. Vr6 Metal rocker cover

    Was hoping I could use the old ones from the plastic cover but I doubt they are the right length for the metal cover