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  1. When the seals on the slave fail the fluid ends up inside the bell housing and the drips on the floor (mine did this, prior to this sometimes the clutch pedal stuck to the floor), when the seals fail in the master the fluid returms to the reservoir. it could also be a cracked clutch fork inside thebellhousing. you could still have air in the line
  2. 022109513a AUE Slider Rail

    I can only find AYL engine code for the Galaxy on ebay, the side shot on this listing shows 2 VVT solenoids so VVT on both cams http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AYL-V6-2-8-Motor-204PS-VW-Sharan-SEAT-Alhambra-FORD-89Tkm-MIT-GEWAHRLEISTUNG/181944855944?hash=item2a5cc22d88:g:vdUAAOSwHQ9WWYKi
  3. 022109513a AUE Slider Rail

    Did ford use these engines in the Galaxy? Worth trying the Ford dealers?
  4. [SOLD] Neuspeed oil caps

    Mine arrived on Friday, a neighbour took it in for me as I've not been around much thanks
  5. [SOLD] Neuspeed oil caps

    Price for one posted please?
  6. dox

  7. home made vsr schrick manifold

    In America they got the VR6 engine in 2WD form in a MK4 VR6 (non 4motion), do their inlets fit our engines (the throttlebodys are different for sure so would need adapting). Has anyone looked into it previously?
  8. vr6 wont start /no crank

    Aftermarket immobiliser?
  9. What cost a litre of oil every 1K miles or a £3-4K pro rebuild? If it drives OK and passes the MOT emissions why bother?
  10. If the oil stem seals are the originals (20 years old) then they will be hard, cracked and worn. There are three piston rings, compression, oil control and a scraper, you can have good compression and burn oil too if the oil control rings are worn, broken or gummed up with carbon. The compressions are quite good suggesting the bores aren't oval.
  11. He says the bottom chain has snapped
  12. Or put a piece of rag in the chains to jam the sprockets? Don't hold me liable if you bend valves if the engine's no longer timed
  13. Brakes Failed...!

    Stripped some 312s today Note the dark line between the backing and the friction material - its actually a crack. After a light tap with a screwdriver, note the rust that was beneath the friction material forcing it off