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  1. If you're buying a 4motion, boot space is not a concern.
  2. What do you want to know? I have a 12v that I built up for turbo, I have a MigFab Sri that used. Installation should be pretty much the same, regardless of who makes the manifold.
  3. There is no 'standard' ecu. There are a couple of threads you easily find on VWVortex on doing a auto to manual swap. Essentially, you throw the auto in the scrap bin along with the tic, install a clutch, pedal, and transmission. Then you will have to wire in the reverse lights, clutch safety switch(for starting), and the clutch up switch for the cruise control. I just finished doing a swap last month, I find it is helpful if you keep you donor car around until the job is complete. Keep in mind, this is an EXTREMELY abbreviated synopsis of the process. The write-ups in vortex are excellent.
  4. Drove the Jetta after working on the Rabbit. 2.5 timing chains, clutch, and upper oil pan leak=lots of work!
  5. I'm a heavy equipment mechanic for the Caterpillar Dealer
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