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  2. Thanks for your help guys!!! Pete if i change my 185/35/17 with 195/40/17 then yes i will be coming The way i bought the car i think the police around my area will not like it so will need to change my profile on tyres (get rid of the massive stretch) If anyone has any hit me up Prabs
  3. Thanks all for your help. So got my alternator replaced with a 120A one. Much better results. Also they added a wire from positive to the alternator too? What does this do? Since i have had this done car unlocks and fire's up all fine . Prabs
  4. Thanks Lukey, Will call around and see what i can get. I guess you didn't have to change anything. Bolt off and bolt on the new one? Prabs
  5. So i called up VW to see how much they would charge. I gave them the number from the alternator and what make it is. They said they have a newer version of the 70A Alternators? I did ask do you have any 120A and he said no not under this number. If i did buy a aftermarket 120A i will need to change a couple of things? Would anyone know what i would need to change? Prabs
  6. Hey Lukey, Could you let me know where you got your alternator from? I do have warranty on the battery .
  7. So i done what you both mentioned to do. I first had to jump the vr with my other car. Once i had this running my mate checked with a multi meter, the readings were low between 5-8. I took the jumps of the vr and it would cut out little while later. Luke as for the alternator its a 70A. My mate did say go for a 120A. The battery i have is a 60Ah. So will be looking for a alternator and get this replaced as soon as. Will let you guys know what the outcome is. Thanks!
  8. I bought a VR on Friday. When i went to go and see this first and give depoist it ran all fine drove well. Came to pick it up and the guy had it on a battery booster. Said i may need a new battery. I thought this shouldn't be a problem.Went and checked into hotel in St Ives which was fine. Woke up next morning to a dead battery. Thought this was odd but the guy i bought it off did say give it a good run and the battery will need changing. I didn't have any tools with me at this point. Quick trip down to there local Halford's store to pick up a brand new battery and some tools. Went back and fitted the new battery in and boom she fired up. Drove from St Ives down to Cardiff to where i was going to stay on Saturday night. Woke up on Sunday first thing i done was went out and check if the car will start, guess what she didn't. Mileage not displaying or anything. Jumped her with another car and she came back to life but then cut out while driving down the road. Prabs