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    KIRAN_VRT got a reaction from matty.vrt in MK4 V6 4Motion Turbo Build   
    Hi all
    I was a corrado man from a young age and after breaking my rado vrt I'm now going for the next build.with my old daily mk4
    she was a well speced straight car so why not turbo it
    I then decided on a costly full repaint with Bentley
    I currently have the suspension, brakes, clutch and head spacer fitted.
    now it's engine bay plumbing and not long to go
    Just thought I would share with you all and see if people can help where it's need and hopefully I can return the favour to those who need help
    looming for 500 bhp and considering I'm using a gt35 turbo with all supporting mods I don't see why this is not achievable
    here are the repaint pics and current state of the bay
    I'm hoping to get a lot further over Easter. I now know that when you settle down these things can take bloody long, so long I was considering selling up but I'm trying to keep the faith lol.
    I will update the post with more pics towards the end of month .
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    KIRAN_VRT got a reaction from jannerboy in MK4 V6 4Motion Turbo Build   
    Hi guys
    apologies for the late reply
    I'll be posting up an undated soon
    I have a really good intercooler and I've trial fitted the pipework and seems like it will seat nicely
    I'll try and get some pics up soon!
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    KIRAN_VRT got a reaction from Flylow in 2.8 vr6 24v vvt 4mo turbo conversion   
    sorry for the late reply
    have been trying to find a data sheet and graph for it but no luck

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