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    I see no reason it shouldn't. Here's pictures and specs from Lugtronic ( www.lugtronic.com ) itself. Overview: Finally! Now there is a full Plug and Play ECU solution for VW/Audi owners! With LugTronic, you can be up and running with a stand alone ECU in less than 30 minutes! The LugTronic PnP ECU Plugs into your stock harness, and mounts into the stock location. A basemap is pre-installed in the ECU to get you up and running quickly and easily. Avoid the horror stories you may have heard, and forget about begging forums for support. LugTronic is a system developed by an experienced and dedicated tuner in the VW / Audi community. Basic Specs: 8 High Impedance Injector Drivers 8 High and Low Power Ignition Drivers Onboard Wideband O2 Controller Onboard MAP Sensor - 400 KPA (44 PSI Boost) Onboard EGT Input for K-Type Thermocouple 16x14 maps for Fuel VE, Ignition Timing, and Lambda Target Idle Air Control Boost Control vs. Speed, Gear, RPM and TPS Launch Control and Anti-lag Full Throttle Shift Cut 6-8 Analog Inputs (Voltage, Fuel, Oil, Exhaust Pressure) 2 Wheel Speed Inputs Extra Outputs available for: Tachometer, Fan, Fuel Pump, Shift Light, Water Injection, Nitrous, Warning Light, etc. Inputs: Crankshaft Speed/Position Camshaft Speed/Position Throttle Position Air Temperature Coolant Temperature 1-2 EGT Exhaust Temperature Wideband O2 Sensor 6-8 Analog Inputs (Voltage, Fuel,Oil, Exhaust Pressure) 2 Wheel Speed Inputs Outputs - Hardware: 8x Injector Outputs 8x Ignition Outputs 6x 350mA Misc. Outputs 4x Stepper Motor Outputs Outputs - Software: 2x RPM/TPS/MAP Outputs 1x RPM Output 1x WOT/RPM Output 1x Tachometer Output 1x Idle Valve Output (2 or 3 wire ISV) 2x Boost Valve Output 1x Anti-lag Throttle Kicker Output 1x Fuel Pump Relay Output 1x Fan Relay Output 1x Water Pump Relay Output 1x Warning Light Output 1x Auto Trans Brake "Creep" Output Construction: High quality extruded aluminum, powder coated case OEM automotive grade harness connector Aluminum endplates with water resistant gaskets Surface mount internal components
  3. East Coast American Mk3

    Just out of curiosity, what safeguards do you mean exactly? As far as I'm aware, it's just a plug and play harness that allows you to retune everything yourself so it runs perfect. It will also allow me to completely get rid of the VR6 ICM stuff and just run the straight Ford coilpack. It eliminates the need to swap out chips if you go from NA to super or turbo or back and forth or anything. And it's really simple to go back to complete stock with it. Anyhow, another picture. Lighting sucks... But it's just showing the changed up lighting for the trip and clock. That's supposed to be pure black with red numbers... That's how it looks in the car...
  4. East Coast American Mk3

    Yeah. It sucks a bit because they didn't, but I've rectified that situation, and kept it looking stock for the most part as far as still being 4 lug and such. I'm choosing standalone because it's easier to tune, the Lugtronic is plug and play (take out the ECU and plug in the Lugtronic standalone harness), and it future proof other mods (bigger exhaust, supercharger, etc). The Ford V6 coilpack mod couldn't be easier (I'll post a picture of my almost finished product at the end of this post). You take a Ford V6 coilpack from pretty much any Ford V6 motor from 2002-2004 (I bought two; one from an '02 F150 and one from an '03 Taurus). As far as benefits, yes. Higher spark output which means you can gap your plugs more (most people without forced induction are running a 0.035 gap) which means better fuel economy. There's also better fuel mileage and better throttle response and acceleration. All you need is the coilpack and the pig tail so you can wire it up. The plug wires from your VR6 fit right onto the Ford coilpack, too. Picture of my little mod (don't worry; I cleaned it all up and made it nice and pretty after this was taken):
  5. Well, I made a similar post in the "newbie" section yesterday, but then after looking over the site, decided I should post a sort of "project" thread here. The car is mostly done. There's just a few things I would like to do it now (that will be covered in a bit). First, a little background on the car. The car is a 1997 Golf K2 Edition. Here in America, 4dr Golf's never got the VR6. Bummer. So I decided to take out the 2.0 and put in a VR6. After a bad first engine, the VR was finally transplanted. Had to work out a few kinks (one of the coolant hoses was leaking, had a bad aftermarket ECU chip, and some others), I finally got it going properly. Been driving the piss out of it lately. Now for a rundown on everything done to the car so far, then future plans, and finally some pictures. Also, if anyone wants any North American bits, I'll try to find them and ship them over. I'm also willing to trade things, too. Exterior Modifications: 15x8 ET30 RML Snowflakes powdercoated black with 205/50/15 tires (soon to be 195/45/15s) KSport Coilovers Euro front bumper Euro Front rebar Euro rebar Mk4-look projector headlights with actual Audi S4 projectors retrofitted. Euro 20th Jahre rear bumper Stubby antenna Badgeless grill Interior Modifications: Polo 6N2 steering wheel Mk4 shift knob and boot In the process of switching all my interior lighting to red instead of green Pioneer stereo with JL Audio speakers Engine Modifications: VR6 swapped in AC, SAI, and EVAP stuff completely deleted 2.25" catback exhaust EuroSport in-fender Cold Air Intake Ford V6 coilpack mod to get rid of that junk, expensive OEM VR6 coilpack (ask me about this if you want to know more) Black Forest Industries PEM chip Future Modifications: Full 3" exhaust from the downpipe back (this has been dyno proven to give more hp to the wheels vs. a 2.5" exhaust; have proof, just ask) Lugtronic Standalone ECU (www.lugtronic.com) Full Accuair E-Level air ride 16x7 Phone Dials with 195/40/16 tires New seats (thinking about Mk5 Interlagos plaid front seats and deleting the rears and doing a false floor) And one day down the road, supercharge the car and try to push over 300hp to the front wheels. Pictures (the first one is just of the engine swap; the lights are different as well be seen in the pictures after):