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  1. cbmotorsport

  2. vr wont start

    first things first. does the engine turn over? if no. your problem lies between igntion switch and startermotor. if it DOES turn over, do you have a spark? if yes. check all plugs to make sure each one is getting a spark. if yes, check injectors are pulsing. if yes again then it will start . if no spark. make SURE your alarm was removed properly. after that, you need vag com or a qualified mechanic to come and check it.
  3. Happy new year!

    first of all guys and girls may i wish you all a happy new year. secondly, i apologise tha i havent been on here for a while, events of the xmas period have left me pretty much unable to get on the laptop! im back to work as usual now so will be adding my usual answers etc . all the best for 2012. Badger CB Motorsport
  4. aux water pump

    thats it. its actually a control module that runs the fans and the auxilliary pump. the fuses are for the fans. but it may be the module its self that is faulty as the pump should run for 10 minutes weather its hot or cold.
  5. central locking

    sorry i did mean whilst changing the handle, late night half cut replies are not a smart move. it sounds like your alarm system is playing up, OR have the fob tested to make sure both buttons are putting out a signal
  6. obd1 loom to obd2 loom

    if you look at the front page of the electrical threads, there is a complete mk3 fusebox Diagram that i posted. the thicker cable leading to the yellow plug, is indeed for aircon. the difference is weather its just air con or if it has complete climate control . the little green plug, similiar to the white plug, both with red and black cable leading to them are left disconnected. i cant remember off the top of my head what they are for unfortunately.
  7. central locking

    sure you havent disturbed a plug or pipe whilst changing the plug, either that or the alarm system is playing up.
  8. aux water pump

    pump should run on for a while weather it is hot or cold, mine used to ,and 2 other friends cars also do it . :so it could be a faulty fan control module .
  9. High idle when headlights are on

    check for air leaks , and also clean the throttle body. if you have access to vag-com. have throttle body adaptation done as this can also cause problems.
  10. black trim

    ive also had good experience with mer bumper and trim gel . OR buy some Hycote bumper and trim paint, and paint them . lasts for atleast a year if you do it properly, is a about £6 per can.
  11. Immobilizer question

    happy days starting to think i should do this for a living
  12. as above and there are also earths above the left hand side light (looking from the rear of the car) again check all bulbs and connectors to the lights.
  13. you need the ecu,the black box and the chip from the key. BUT it is easier just to do the immo defeat
  14. Immobilizer question

    ECU Swapping Prerequisites: Battery voltage at least 12.0 V. [select] [25 - Immobilizer] WHEN YOU READ THIS WITH VAGCOM. YOUR LOOKING FOR A 5 DIGIT NUMBER , DISPLAYED LIKE THIS CODING: 09600 . WHEN YOU LOGIN, USE THAT CODE! 09600 IS WHAT MINE SAID, YOURS MAY BE DIFFERENT! [Login - 11] *TYPE YOUR CODING NUMBER THAT YOU GAINED FROM THE ABOVE STEP* [OK] VAG-COM will validate the data you have entered and return you to the Login screen, where the Login Code will show as "XXXXX". [Do it!] [Adaptation - 10] Channel 000 [Read] [save] [Done, Go Back] [Close Controller, Go Back - 06] Switch OFF the ignition and after 5 seconds switch it ON again. Make sure NOT to start the car within the next 2 minutes. After that, try starting the engine. hope this helps
  15. Immobilizer question

    in short, no you dont need to swap the whole lot, you can code the exisiting black box and key to the new ecu. give me a minute and ill post the how to (y)