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  1. 15degreev

  2. maf in lancashire

    Im over in Chorley and have OBD1 MAf on the mk1, pop over if you still need to try one :-) Just pm me when your thinking of coming
  3. My 83 Lhasa Green MK1 VR6

    Ballache is guaranteed :-O but worth every knuckle scraping minute
  4. My 83 Lhasa Green MK1 VR6

    Yes she is, sat on 16's atm :-) having some scrubbing on the front but she needs to settle a little first as the coils have only just gone on. The Mk1 coils had to be modified to fit the hubs and the camber bolt hole had to elongated.
  5. Mk2Vr6 Evolution II

    Looking forward to seeing this on the strip, hat's off for the amount and standard of your work :-)
  6. My 83 Lhasa Green MK1 VR6

    Aye will probably be there, Just hope she will be completely finished, but at the minute it's looking like the Audio install won't be done and the bodywork around the door handles may not be either
  7. My 83 Lhasa Green MK1 VR6

    Sound thanks, mad busy getting this ready for some shows
  8. My 83 Lhasa Green MK1 VR6

    lol alright stranger
  9. My 83 Lhasa Green MK1 VR6

    Tbh she drives fine with the coilies and I still have the battery in the front also. Plans are to relocate the battery to the boot but it's on the list along with alot more fettling and getting her to how I want her. She aint no lightweight MK1 anymore with the lump and the front seats that weigh an absolute ton, but she is comfortable,quick and can still scare most things on the road :-) Next most important thing to sort is the swan neck in the boot, as it seems to be letting fuel flow back up it and leaving a strong smell in the car.All being well she should be in a half decent state by B.V.F with the exception of the door handles that need refitting to the doors.
  10. My 83 Lhasa Green MK1 VR6

    Some more pics, loads more to follow as I find them. This is how the subframe was fabbed Copied exactly from this Had masses of problems with the CE1 fusebox, burning out of relays and eventually a whole track on the board ( this still needs sorting and replacing but has been bypassed for now) Some may some may not like this, but personally I love it ! And a short vid of the first run after the electrics had been sorted. http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i267/Riggsvr6/cars/MK1%20VR6/th_VIDEO0027.jpg' alt='th_VIDEO0027.jpg'> Will keep updating as I crack on, Fell in love with the VR noise from the mk3 as soon as i drove one, but with the lump in a mk1 and a shorter exhaust the tone is simply amazing !
  11. My 83 Lhasa Green MK1 VR6

    I know thanks ! Was a temp fix to get her moving
  12. Well after owning mk1/2/3's (34 in total) And the mk1 being my favourite along with the VR lump, It had to be done ! here she is still work in progress and also my daily atm, plenty more left to do and tbh im already feeling the need for more power lol Opinions welcome good or bad, i'll let the pics do the talking So this is how she sits atm, will keep this updated as she progresses and hopefully see some of you on the strip ! :-)