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  2. new owner needs help!!

    yea i was quoted at £870 fully fiited from the local garage, was trying to avoid splashing out. though i suppose i could fit the damn thing myself and buy it at trade price to save a few quid if the fault clearing doesnt work.....
  3. new owner needs help!!

    ah cool, will see how it goes. any help with the general/hanbrake light randomly coming on after i fitted the abs sensor?
  4. new owner needs help!!

    the garage did, and it said the pump and modulator were faulty. but i have replaced these and the light is still on. :-(
  5. Hi guys, i have just bought a P reg vr6 highline and have a few warning light problems i need some advice with. firstly, the ABS warning light was on, the garage says it needs a new pump and modulator. the part number is the dreaded 1H2 614 217 C which seems to be as rare as rocking-horse shit! but found one with an E on the end instead of the C, which i am led to believe is just an upgraded version. is this correct? well i fitted it anyway, and the light was still on, so i looked into it on some forums and found it can get mis-diagnosed and could just be a sensor. i found a faulty one and replaced that but the light is still on, so im out of ideas with it now. any help would be apprieciated. secondly, the general handbrake warning light has come on since i replaced the sensor, though i have checked them all and they all work so im unsure what the problem with that is.