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  2. starting issue,im baffled

    thank you for the advice, i will try that after this weekend. im hoping this is a somewhat easy/cheap fix
  3. okay,two weeks ago i hopped in my vr6 passat, and it wouldnt start. i drove it the night before and had no issues. i tapped on gas tank thinking maybe my fuel pump was shot,and that did nothing. the engine almost starts but it seems it isnt getting spark. im getting my fuel pressure and what not checked tuesday but im wondering and hoping it isnt my fuel pump. could it be old plugs and wires? any ideas?advice?:-(
  4. somebody who i good with vr6's pleaseeeee help

    alright! thats pretty good news. thanks. im prettty sure im going to just swap vr6's then.
  5. somebody who i good with vr6's pleaseeeee help

    hey guys, just got word on a new engine. vr6, less than 70,000 miles for about 100$ spark plug arcs off block. plug wire issue or something with the engine itself?
  6. somebody who i good with vr6's pleaseeeee help

    thanks guys. ill see what i can do right away. ill maybe get it rebuilt this summer. any ideas on how much american $ it would be? and if i get it rebuilt anyone got any suggestions for the car altogether?
  7. somebody who i good with vr6's pleaseeeee help

    the mileage is a little less than 214,000 and my cousin owns a garage and wouldnt charge me labor,i would just like to know if its worth replacing.
  8. somebody who i good with vr6's pleaseeeee help

    hmm. can you replace valve stem seals and piston rings or is it not worth it? im no good with engines and dont have much of an idea. but i will check the compression of my cylinders. thanks
  9. Okay, I'm having an issue with my 1994 passat,vr6. it's my daily driver and i love it to death but a very..bad problem has occured. every 500 miles or so, it burns a quart to a quart and a half of oil. ive heard about this before but im not sure why its doing it. the car runs like a champ and it hasnt lost much power but im afraid something could be seriously wrong. can anyone help me?