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  1. Batler182

  2. vr6 auto

    Hi guys, I'm after a vr6 auto either mk3 or corrado. Let me know what you've got or if you know of any for sale. Cheers
  3. Fault code help

    I've only got two coolant sensors, should I have three?
  4. Hi guys, I've got a fault code come up on my Vr6 saying g62 coolant temp sensor open or short to plus. Any ideas what would cause this or is it obviously a broken wire somewhere? Cheers
  5. Full turbo set up

    Hi guys, As title I'm after a full turbo set up. With or without engine I'm not too fussed but could do with the tapped sump etc. Cheers
  6. VR running really bad!

    I know mate, that's the trouble. I just found it weird that the lights would dim as it's still revving while driving. I've ordered a new blue temp sensor today anyway and I'm pretty sure that the MAF is good because I fitted it with a recon unit before I took it off the road. I'll keep you updated
  7. Hi guys, Just after a bit of help with my VR. It's running really bad at the moment but can't get it plugged in. I'm in Stockport but the car is down in Southampton at the moment. It starts fine but the revs at idle are going up and down all the time and sometimes goes so low it nearly stalls then the revs go back up. It cuts out when it's warm and I took it out for a little drive last night to see if it would clear any rubbish through but as I'm driving I can see the headlights etc getting dim then bright even when I'm driving steady. It will also stall itself and will struggle to start after that. It sounds a bit tappy which could be completely unrelated. Sometimes it's really smokey too when it starts up and last night there looked like a fair bit of white smoke although it was cold and the car wasn't warm. It's OBD2 in a mk2 if that makes any difference? Anyone got any ideas? Cheers, Ollie
  8. Vr6 Auto To Manual

    What are you doing with the auto box?
  9. Coolant Problems

    Is it leaking or just the level dropping with no sign of a leak? If its the latter it could be headgasket but its its losing that much it would be running pretty crap I imagine
  10. Is 2.9 And 2.8 Wiring Identical?

    From what I've read, the ecu will work but I may need a remap.
  11. Is 2.9 And 2.8 Wiring Identical?

    I've just realised the 2.8 doesn't come with an ecu. It would run well on a corrado ecu would it? Are things like injectors and manifolds interchangeable?
  12. Hi guys, Just a quick one, my 2.9 engine has blown and I've been offered a decent cheap 2.8 with no ancillaries as a temporary fix while I rebuild my 2.9. Will it be a straight swap?
  13. 2.8 auto gearbox on a 2.9 engine

    the gearbox has been serviced yeah. The auto and manual corrado share the same ecu on later models. 2004 onwards i think so my ecu should be ok. The gearbox ecu may be from a later golf. I think I might need to find a corrado auto tcu and gearbox loom
  14. 2.8 auto gearbox on a 2.9 engine

    ok mate cheers for the advice. Do you reckon a 2.8 ecu would work with a 2.9? A corrado auto ecu is pretty hard to get hold of
  15. Hi guys, I've had my golf fitted with a 2.9 engine which was from a manual corrado so the ecu is for manual. I have this mated to a 2.8 auto gearbox from a golf. The trouble is, the gearbox seems to get confused and will hold gear after kick down and not change up or down properly on occasion. The electrician who did it says he knew from the start it wouldn't work properly. I've scanned it with Vagcom and it seems to come up with speed sensor faults and a few short to ground faults on the transmission side. Do you guys see any reason why they shouldn't work together or is there a fix to this? Could it work or should I think about swapping my engine and ecu out to a 2.8 golf auto engine and ecu? Cheers, Ollie