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  1. My VR...so far...

    Looks really nice!!!!
  2. My Golf!

    Very smart love mk2's!!!!
  3. Oak Green VR6 Transplant

    Looking Good this going to be a tidy engine bay!! Good Luck with the rest!!
  4. Gibbos Eaton Charged MK3 VR6

    Good luck with the conversion
  5. Well thats me buggered then...

    Might as well try it!! Good luck!
  6. Right spoke to my mate last night and after playin with the idea of doing a 2.0l 16v turbo because my golfs a 4 stud but i really did want the vr noise, so my mate said for £250 it looks like i can have the full front end basically engine ecu loom shafts hubs disc etc etc with the engine having done 70 odd K so its just too tempting and said mate has some vr wheels that i can slap on temporarly
  7. Performance VW - OCT 2009 Issue....

    Subscribed so got mine yesterday. What page you on??
  8. picking up my beast

    yeah!!! pics when ya get it!!
  9. Sound advice thanks i think i'll grill my mate who knows the lad first b4 movin any further. I just have to be careful cause my mate will just want me to get a vr in asap lol
  10. Got my first golf earlier this year and wish i'd done it alot sooner aand now i have the project i think am going to find it hard to not have a vag!
  11. So is that deal sound any good and what should i check for? And should i really just hold out for a obd11??
  12. My mk3 vr6 turbo

    Thats is gorgeous Top work!!!
  13. Looks like it scrubbed up well!!!
  14. Tempted to buy a hot tuning exhaust manifold

    Coilovers are fine there on my mk5 so aint had them long so time will only tell if they last the test of time... Also i didnt feel the back went as low as i wanted and they did everythin they could and in the end offered me a partial discount, so i think there worth considering but i think we all know the quality might not be same??