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  1. So it's about 18 to 18.5 for a standard one
  2. no. The MOT is going to check for integrity, not dints, I would think 98% of cars would fail if it was cosmetic too, they should, then we wouldnt have to either park miles away in the corner of car parks or sneak into the toddler spaces with masses of space around them when no ones walking by.
  3. I would say around 17 yea, it was a long time ago and the mk7 R which is it's spiritual successor is knocking 30+ !
  4. Lukey.


    * After 3500rpm lol
  5. Lukey.


    500 HP and you'd be fine
  6. Vw only sell that part as a whole, they won't split it down into just the 1 item
  7. Lukey.


    A TDI box would make the car undriveable, the ratios would be far too long
  8. They get about 9mpg, that can be a problem
  9. I've gone off T1Rs I put Michelin PS3 on mine and the missus got Kumho Ecsta LE Sport in a need tyres now situation. Thing is I like the Kumhos
  10. Get your fingers under it along the side of it and you should be able to pry it out yes, for that to fall out though I think the back will be missing as that's what holds it in, has someone done this to hide an abs light issue?
  11. Looks like the abs/airbag light on the side of the dash nearest the door
  12. Should have told her to help instead of moan lol
  13. It's bolted to the bulkhead you need to undo the bolts from the engine bay
  14. It could be that the oil filter cap has had itself threaded rather than it being just the filter emptying screw, so it could be that you need a new cap rather than screw
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