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    Depending on exactly what you want included, but for Rotrex supercharger plus manual, 6 psi Rotrex pulley, standalone Rotrex oil kit, bracket and bearings set, supercharger belt, rising rate fuel pressure regulator, intake pipework and filter, silicon pipes and fittings, new vw tensioner, air-conditioning bypass bracket and idler and a set of redtop injectors (recon) i'm sure there are a few odds and ends i've forgotten but i want £2350 this it's all new, a few brackets were test mounted but thats it! When i said depending on how much you want i've also got a new headspacer and a water meth injection system, plus a 6 branch manifold and a decat. All this takes my kit to the equivalent of the storm stage 1 kit which from them costs £3675 +VAT I've also got the ARP rod and head studs too!!
  3. supercharger

    I've got a full new rotrex kit that i've never got round to fitting, plus i've got a load of other performance bits list below! All are new and mean't to be fitted to my VR6 corrado. 280mm rears brake kit, stainless 6 branch manifold heat wrapped , 63mm stainless decat, sp263 cams, lightened flywheel, ARP head studs & conrod bolts, 360cc redtop injectors, rotrex C30-84 kit, water/meth injection &alloy tank, headspacer, full set vibratechnics mounts, black samco hose set